Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its e Race!

Thats right folks, we ran a 5k! A whole 3miles baby! Wohoo! The sad, but true, part is it was HARD for us. This being our second race, I feel like we did very well! Its been a great way to get healthy & we like having something to work towards. Our race was in the beautiful Santa Barbara, at 8am sharp! So we sacrificed our sleeping in and woke up at 6 to head out. Our friends Kevin & Lindsay came too. Kev is training for a marathon, and Lindsay is our designated Cheerleader! Chris' mom Linda also ran it with us, and she kicked butt! Kev ran it in just over 21min, Chris beat his first race time by over 5min! I ran it in 24 minutes!

Chris & Linda after the race

Very Energetic after his race, must have got that "runner's high" people talk about..

Me & Lindsay after the race..I love her!

Dream Team right there!

Chris crossing the finish line!

Just about to finish! He did really good!

Linda crossing the finish line! Beating Chris!

Before the race..
Discussing after the race..

Kevin & Chris seem uncomfortable with this pic..

This picture cracks me up, I don't think everyone was ready..haha. After the race at the finish line!