Tuesday, July 29, 2008


MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE!! Thats right, I am no longer a virgin to the earthquake world....a 5.8 hit us here in Cali today & let me tell you, it was WEIRD!! I have to admit, I was prettttttty dang calm about during the quake but afterwards ANXIETY hit! I don't know why, it was over at that point. but I got all freaked out & i was still dizzy from everything swinging & shaking. I am told this was not a big quake by any means, nor was it long. Ha! IN MY WORLD- it was very long! At first, I didn't quite understand what was going on! Then it clicked, and the VERY FIRST THOUGHT "Finally! I've never been in one of these!" (lol..yes, I am amazing). SECOND THOUGHT- "Whoa, this feels crazy!" (captain obvious over here) & LAST THOUGHT "Umm, when does this end?!". Now, as proud of myself as I am I must confess, I am a failure to all my elementary school teachers, all those earthquake drills & I still didn't do what I was supposed to! How many times did that dang "earthquake" bell ring & we all jumped under our desks & slid our chairs in??? (which, by the way, is hilarious! when is the last time you heard about UT having a big earthquake?!) Anyway.. what do I do when it counts? Sit there, like a dumb-a* & watch it all happen, feeling like it was all in slow0-mo. (excuse the french) Like I said, FAILURE! But I am told we can expect THE BIG ONE within 5 years, so, alas, I will get my opportunity to redeem myself & prove that the public school system works!
Anyway, enough of my bs about the quake...it was crazy but I survived! I know, I know..there were no deaths...but I still like to say I survived an earthquake...give me a break, I AM FROM UTAH!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ahh, the single-wife..

Whats that you ask? What is a "single-wife"? Let me explain....its when you're a wife..but you live like your single. You see, I spend 5days a week living the single-wife...its much like the single-life. I do what I want, when I want. I still have to work, thats part of the wife left in me...well, I guess single people work too..unless you're Lindsay (j/k I love you linds!)... Now for most people this might be a dream come true!! In some ways, sure, its nice....but I have issues. Since I am slightly OCD (self-diagnosed) I can't sit & relax when the apartment is a mess..NOT EVEN IF I TRY!! Once I have the place all to myself, I clean?! What is wrong with me?! So, once things are in order..then I go about living my single-wife life. I cook or eat out, depending on how I feel... I rent chic flicks & tv seasons that Chris would not only not like, but outright REFUSE. I can be obsessed with books as much as I want, and read til the wee hours of the night(which I usually regret..im the oldest 22yr old I know! My body ACHES when I wake up! Im such a senior citizen). ..but I can stay up late & be all kinds of irresponsible. I listen to my music as loud as I want, and can be completely selfish 90% of my day..like a single person would of course ;)... As I am growing more accustomed to my newfound lifestlye I begin to realize...my house is always clean...my life has been Discovery Channel-free, History Channel free & I haven't seen a documentary on a prison gang in months!! I don't have to ask for the computer 12times while Chris finishes his current "fantasy" sports team changes...I can take up as much space in the bed as I want! I am getting much too used to this...pedicure? SURE! Pinkberry? Why not! No one's here to stop me? IS THIS HEAVEN!?

...........Now, doesn't this all sound so nice? Well...it definitely has its benefits! BUT I am always cold, my human-heater isn't here...There is no one to put the blankets back on me when I violently kick them off at night because I am just that hot..knowing Ill be cold 10min later..There is no one to make me laugh while mocking my favorite tv shows, pointing out the things I know are true but I choose to ignore since I love the show so much....No one to give me nicknames like "Mar-Dawg-Dizzle" ...No one to say "don't eat that, you'll just get a cavity"....or no one to say things like "screw the earth!"......No one for me to talk their ear off so much that they finally say "okay Mari, okay"...no one to tolerate the millions of crazy & wack-o things about me...So as much as I am loving my new life as the single-wife...I am happy it is almost at an end. THREE WEEKS left! I am hoping that some of my newfound habits can stick around though...like the clean house & tv shows?! As nice as its been to be "single" again, Id rather be the wife..and have the husband too! Who would have thought Id be excited for the school year to begin again?! It just means Chris will be home!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks Mama & Papa Spiker!

Oh ya, we lucked out alright! This past week the Spiker clan all vacationed in Newport. Since Chris is living down there anyway, he was able to hang out with them after work & on Saturday. I only worked for part of the week & then went down to spend a few days on the beach with them...Chris' family is always doing fun things, now that he is an adult he can't join in on the fun as much, so we were happy to be able to hang out with them this last week! Steve took us to Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.. which was very cool! We did the beach, the pool, bbq's & of course we went to see BATMAN! The boys waited in line for over 2hours & no one left disappointed! It was a really fun weekend, and it wouldn't have been possible without Mama & Papa Spiker! Thank you so much for a great weekend!!

We weren't very good about taking pictures this trip, but Courtney & Josh were..so I am sure if you check out their blog in a day or so you will be able to see some!
The girls were all reading the same book, Twilight. I have already read the entire series (took me a week & a half)....they are addicting! Easy & Entertaining read...I recommend them!

We played frisbee golf, and Steve & I lost to Court & Josh! It was fun, but I am REALLY bad!

Patrick decided he wanted my foot to disappear...and then it turned into this! Josh was watching for a while, and once it got past my shins he joined in the "fun". Can't a girl sit in her chair on the beach & read without being harassed!? I think not.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

Mari & I had a nice, relaxing, 4th of July. We started the day with a 5k run / walk in 97 degree heat. We almost melted. This is how I looked at the conclusion of the race.
Then we hit the pool to cool off.

Next we saw Walle and learned all about how people are fat and lazy.

Then Mari took this photo of me and insisted that we post it. She was proud of herself for picking out my clothes. Maybe one day she will let me pick out hers.
However, I dont think Mari will ever let me pick out her clothes though because she fears I will pick something like this.

Lastly, Lauren gave birth to our niece "Lily" not "Lilly". Congrats to Lauren and Patrick.
I have not seen any photos of Lily, but in my imagination this is what she looks like.