Sunday, June 26, 2011


Summertime in LA means a lot of things. Hiatus, Tourists, Bikinis (well, more of them anyway), Disneyland Blackout dates, 

A few friends & I decided to partake in this lovely LA ritual (before my recent foot reconstruction). It reminded me of going to the drive-in. We used to do that all of the time as kids, and I LOVED it. I remember begging my parents to take us & I'd always fall asleep by the 2nd movie. I loved packing up the back of  the truck with blankets and pillows, smelling the warm summer air, and looking up at the stars.
Anyway, back to Cinespia...It's outdoors in the old Hollywood Cemetery, you bring picnics and blankets and chairs while you watch old movies through a projector. We drove up to Silverlake & stopped at the oh so delicious Forage to grab ourselves a picnic. Lauren brought the drinks, Kathleen brought the macaroons, and Megan & I brought the blankets and chairs. We had a hilarious night of laughs while we each experienced "Harold & Maude" for the first time. (we still aren't sure if the film was intended to be funny or not, however we thought it was funny regardless) 

The food was delicious, the girls were adorable, and I highly recommend everyone experience this at least once! I wish I could go again this summer, but these gimpy feet are holding me back! 
If you're able to go on July 3rd, they are showing Ghostbusters! In a cemetery...c'mon, totally awesome.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where there's a will, there's a way...

Don't doubt me for second. If I have my mind set, it's happening.
Okay, that makes me sound a little...controlling. Let's try again.

When a girl has to pee, she has to pee. A bladder can only hold so much, for so long....ya know?

Picture this:
A crippled, helpless beauty (like that?). Stranded on the couch, unable to walk. After drinking much H2O in her efforts to counter act the poisonous pill popping she needed to pee. Badly.

Meanwhile two bedrooms and a conference call away worked her handsome professional arguer (how 'bout that?) deep into important conversation.....In other words, it wasn't a good time to take me to the loo.

Did I mention he has to CARRY me to and fro? It's a mixture of humiliating and (admittedly) damsel-in-distress-esk.

Back to the full bladder.

After much waiting, leg crossing and uncrossing, and attempted distraction I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Supplies: Pillow, hideous black velcro shoes that protect my recently cut open tootsies
Plan: lower myself off of the couch, scoot my way across the small patch of carpet to the kitchen tile, place myself on the pillow and slide/scoot my way through the house to the bathroom.
Estimated Time: as fast as possible before I pee my pants

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Although I did get scolded by Chris & was told he would be happy to put them on hold so I don't risk hurting myself (awww!). I am still patting myself on the back, I have officially confirmed I can survive in the wild.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

we were so young

this photo was taken 2 weeks before our wedding day, it's amazing how different we look after only 5 years!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New York, New York

 Concrete Jungle. Empire State. Big Apple. City that Never Sleeps. 
Call it what you may, I simply adore it.
Fortunately for me, I have a very generous brother who always lets me come visit whenever I want. I decided to come out this time because Britney had never been, and she HAD to see this place that I am so in love with.  
(although I think if she could have seen it during the fall she would have had the FULL experience!) 
We did SO much.
We were GO GO GO the entire time, and I'm pretty sure we are still exhausted from our 5.5 day adventure. Ammon & Carlo made us laugh, took us to beautiful places and delicious restaurants. We wandered, shopped, and experienced new things at every turn. (some unpleasant & shocking, some amazing....ALL one of a kind!) 
We had dinner and went out with Carlo's brother Rodrigo & his friend from Brazil, Alexander. It was probably the funnest night of the entire trip for me, I loved getting to know Rodrigo better & running around the city all night long.
But to be honest, every night was amazing!

It was a great way to kick off my "summer on the couch", especially because I'm so tired I probably won't mind being on the couch for at least the first week ;)

I heart you NYC. 'Til next time!



We took some video documentary of our trip, super random for the most part, but with the occasional great comment!