Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Chris & I had a great week, a busy week, but a great one! My birthday was on Tuesday- I woke up early for work as usual & got out of the shower to find Chris sleeping in bed only to peep one eye open & start singing happy birthday! I went to work only to open my email to all kinds of funny comments on my facebook & myspace, as well as getting "roasted" by my family (our tradition is to email everyone in the family on each person's birthday & tell favorite things & favorite memories..which usually ends up in us telling embarrassing stories about that person). It was really fun, kept me entertained all day long! Thank you everyone for your thoughts & birthday wishes! I am offically big fat 23! Aye..
On my b-day we carved pumpkins! I usually take a lot of time on my pumpkin, but this year I wasn't feeling that well so I sort of gave up!
For Halloween I decided 1hour before work I should dress up, so I threw together a little indian outfit (as Linds would call it "Tiger Lily"). Work was way fun, all the casting directors dressed up & we had a big pot luck.
After work Chris & I went to hang out with our friends Lindsey & Kevin (whom we love) & they made me laugh so hard all night long.
We hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

Officially 23!

Chris has a cute toosh, so I took a pic of it..

Look how cute! All the presents Chris got me!
Mine are the mini ones..anyone who knows me would have known that..My friend Claire & I- I LOVE her, she is so much fun.
Plus she shares my addiction to sewing etc.
She made her costume of course!
Me, Jacque, & Jeanette (co-workers)
I seriously LOVE this girl

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As the Bush presidency winds down, I have been reflecting on the past 8 years. I realized that I will genuinely miss President Bush's oratory skills.

Luckily, our current candidates also commit their fare share of gaffes.




and last, but not least - McCain

Monday, October 27, 2008


Saturday Night we went out with our amazing friends, Joey & Ashley! We love them! We went to the Melting Pot & let me tell you...WELL WORTH the 5000 calories we consumed! We went to celebrate my birthday & their 1st Anniversary! Yay!

I also got an ADORABLE little present from Lauren & Patrick & kids.. here it is displayed! As most of you know, I am a HUGE holiday person- so Lauren always sends me holiday related gifts! Thanks so much you guys!

As my favorite month comes to a close I get a little sad :( But Hurray for the Holidays & the rest of fall! & Chris, where are my boots?

Friday, October 24, 2008

A new side of Mari E. Couture

Thank you Ashley for being my model, yet again! You are an amazing friend!

Recently I was approached by a beautiful bride back east who ran across my site, to create a custom headband. After discussing with her what she wanted & being allowed to put some of my creativity into it- this is what I came up with. I mailed it to her yesterday! The wedding piece was much more difficult than I had originally thought, but I really enjoyed it. It was nice to do something that required a little more detail etc. Anyway, this has opened up other ideas as far as wedding pieces go for I will probably make a couple others just to see how they come out! Cuz its fun!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn in New York-3

Okay, here is the rest of the NY trip! Thursday night we went to Lion King! (yes, TWO broadways! We are spoiled) It had some amazing costumes! We loved it! Then we went to Plataforma (Ammon & Carlo's favorite Brazillian place)- it was soooooo yummy! Friday we went to Lo'Real & had a mini shopping spree-FREE STUFF!! We got to go into their employee shop & pick whatever we wanted! Then we went to Cafeteria, a great little place to eat & Crystal & I got these cute hot chocolates! (we all know how I feel about hot cocoa...) Then we went & shopped our hearts out! Started at the Diesel sample sale, then to the famous Canal street where Crystal had her first experience in the "underground" rooms! lol! Ammon & I were pro's at knocking down the price for her! After we got her knock off bag, we went to SoHo! We kept Crystal naked in her dressing room almost the entire time, throwing pant after pant & shirt after shirt. (by the end of our trip she walked away with 3 new skirts & 3 new jeans, 1 sweater, 1 top, 2 necklaces & some HOT stilleto boots!-Ammon really made her trip incredible!) After fun shopping (and lots of walking!) we went home to clean up! We took a boat tour at sunset around the city!! GORGEOUS! & So fun! Then back to the apt for dinner & games with some of Amms & Carlo's good friends Kevin & Alex-who cracked us up the entire night! Friday was AWESOME! Our last day, SATURDAY was my favorite. We rode bikes through the city & over the Brooklyn Bridge! We went to Grimaldi's Pizza- a famous Pizza joint in Brooklyn, and before it had even opened the line was down the street! After our AMAZING bike ride, we went to the Plaza hotel to see Ammon's salon, Warren Tricomi. (and I got to see my headbands on display!) We had a relaxing night just hanging out & laughing. It was an amazing trip!!

Ammon's scar is healing!
On Subway

Lion King!
Did I mention we were in the 4th row right in the middle!?

Boat Tour
(do we look alike at all? I sometimes dont think I look like any of my siblings!)

Our Lady Liberty

Look at the city behind us! This is my favorite

We were cracking up! I kept trying to take a picture of Crystal with the statue without her hair in her face- NO MATTER WHAT WE TRIED, we couldn't do it!! Here are our attempts:

George Washington Arch- one of many stops on our bike ride

Wall Street

So like I said, the line was long. So while we were waiting Ammon provided some entertainment!
Ammon's Dance Moves
One of our favorite SNL skits- 'Suprise Party' impression

Thanks for inviting me to NY, I can't wait to go back!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn in New York -2

After Crystal & I went shopping & to the top of the Rock, we were given special treatment from Carlo. He made us a Brazillian dinner! Ribs, Yuca, &...I can't remember the name! haha. Anyway, it was AMAZING! Ammon & Carlo have a great terrace so we ate outside. See pics below!
The next morning Crystal & I hit the streets again! This time we were going to see MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) & Central Park! The Museum was amazing, we were able to see VanGogh! They wouldn't allow photos or I would have taken one- but I did take one next to a RED STICK. Why it was considered art I will never know! I had to take a pic because I thought it was ridiculous! ahah. But the museum was really cool, Crystal & I both really enjoyed it.
CENTRAL PARK WAS GORGEOUS! The leaves were just starting to change! The air was crisp & it was when I finally got what I "needed" from NY- a taste of Autumn. Seriously, I miss it so much! The little things like the leaves blowing everywhere & the colors &...ugh! You get the idea. Anyway, the park was pretty quiet & not crowded so we got some great pictures. We probably walked around in the park for a couple of hours at least. We didn't even go in the entire thing either! I took so many more photos than what I am posting here-it would take FOREVER if I put them all up!

I loved the way this bridge looked


The view from the 3rd story of Moma
Our Brazillian Feast!Thank You Ammon & Carlo for showing us such a great time!
More pictures to come in the next post!