Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn in New York

We just returned from another fabulous trip to NYC! As it is fairly obvious that I am fan of photos, I need not warn you about the massive overload you are about to witness.

Chris & I saved up all of our 'vacation' time for October, since the summer was full of bar review & all. After Boston, we hopped on a plane to NYC to spend a week with Ammon, Lauren, & Carlo. The first day Chris & I spent just the two of us, we hit up MOMA, Central Park, I lost my phone (again! ugh!), we explored, took a nap in our fabulously comfy hotel bed, bought a new phone, had dinner with Carlo, hugged Amms (who just arrived home from a work trip), & crashed (in our fabulously comfy hotel bed).

Monet, Van Gogh, etc are all on display at well a few, interesting artists. (that's something I did NOT photograph, Chris did with his iPhone if you are really interested, ask him)

pretty right? look below for some very rad detail..

Central Park

Lauren arrives!!!
We went to Max Brenner's which was so delicious! A definite NYC must! Then had a yummy Venezuelan dinner to complete the night. (oh and spotted some celebs while on our outings)


A few of my NY Favorite Things Include:
Max Brenner's


all the cute shops on the corners with flowers outside..

Chris, Lauren & I went to the Natural History Museum. Chris & Lauren read & learned..I am more of a "look & learn" type. After the museum, we wandered through Central Park, ate at the Boathouse, got a rowboat & rowed on the lake in Central Park, went to the Jersey Boys show, and finished off the night with some delicious desert @ Juniors Bakery.
I've always wanted to take a boat out on the lake, so I was really excited! It did not disappoint! We had a blast! Lucky us, Ammon treated us to Jersey Boys, what a sweetheart!!
It was an awesome show!! I recommend it!

Museum of Natural History


The Boathouse

'Friends' fountain

Row, Row, Row, your boat..



Hi Max!

somehow I'm always kissing him...hmmm

Rain, Food, Rain. Repeat.
We braved the rain & got some NY pizza, roamed shops, visited Ammon @ work, and then enjoyed some NY take out & snuggled in.

view from Amm's work..pretty rain:)

Rain! (again)
Lunch in the meat packing district @ Pastis (yum!), roaming the city, shopping in SoHo, & home for some Brazilian home cookin'!

I thought this was so cute

Carlo's famous ribs & yucca YUMMY!!!

Canal Street, getting our hair done by Amms, dinner in meatpacking district, & famous Billy's bakery for desert! (can you say red velvet HEAVEN?!)

This window display sums up our trip! 'Til next time beautiful city!