Sunday, February 26, 2012

Start off 2012 Right!

 I think it's safe to say that January can be summed up with the following words:
Juicing, Clothing, Working, Running, Sunsets, Beach, Friends, and Food.

We started juicing & making green smoothies and LOVE it. I finished Physical Therapy (what!) and was cleared to start running (eek!). Chris started running (double eeek what!) once or twice a week with me. We both work way too much, but Feb has been way worse than January as far as that goes. We obviously eat a LOT and I obviously like clothing a LOT. We also started and are now caught up with the series 'Downton Abbey' (loooooove!), bought airfare for Hawaii in May, and bought sweet new iPhone covers--Like I said, we know how to start the year off right!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Secret to My Success...

Oh my 80's magic.
First off, let's just agree on one thing. Michael J Fox is pure 80's. His movies are jammed with all of the goods. I am particularly fond of the ever-constant "never give up" underdog themes they have.  I mean, Teen Wolf? Are you serious? Who doesn't love that. 

Tonight, in my singlewifelifehood Netflix did me proud by suggesting 
"The Secret to My Success"
with no other than the big MJ himself. (big is a relative term)
I am beyond entertained. The excessive use of keyboard medleys at just the right moment, the one liners like "I believe in myself. That has to count for something!" or "I didn't buy a roundtrip ticket. When I come back to Kansas, I will come back in my own Jet" Go get 'em MJ!! I love the fact that the older rich woman has a perm and wears turbans...Or the scene where the main girl is getting a drink from the drinking fountain and it's set up to be a MONUMENTAL moment. Oh gosh, I laugh so hard I cry. 

So tonight friends, I recommend you find yourselves 
a cheestastic 80's movie and enjoy every moment of it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

avoiding the shower for no good reason

You know when you KNOW it's time to shower? (don't lie, I know you know what I'm talking about!)
Those times your hair permanently separates and looks an entirely different color at the roots (this was my 'surgical recovery look' for 3 weeks), or those times you look in the mirror and wonder, "how did I go out in public today?", or like today when my legs stuck to the toilet seat because I worked out 6 hours ago and now they are sticky....IT'S TIME TO SHOWER. (TMI?)

Yet, here I am, on the couch. Sticky legs & in no hurry to do anything about it.

Chris is out of town, if you hadn't already guessed by my being in no rush to shower.
(and he will most likely gag and then tell me to delete this post with some sort of "why would you write something like that" discussion)

You know what? I miss him while he is away. He is a pretty swell chap. He serves so many wonderful purposes around this house, his absence is deeply missed. For one, he is the human heater. So there's that. He also provides me with musical entertainment (for those of you privy to this, you understand it's priceless value), as well as doing the dishes and taking out the trash.
Oh and he's pretty cute too.

But having him gone has it's perks.
The heater is at a solid 80degrees and won't budge until he comes home and violently complains as he switches it to 65.
I can blend green smoothies at 5am before work, which is something he refuses to allow.
(it may seem extreme to have the blender going at 5am but is it so much to ask him to support my healthy lifestyle? I mean, come on.)
The house stays clean. Sigh.
And lastly, the chick-flicks flow abundantly & free of ridicule!

Is it just me, or do I seem to always blog when he is away? Hmmm.

BTW---I love 'THE NEW GIRL' on Fox. And i love Tivo. And I love Sprinkles cupcakes but am limiting myself because I've got Hawaii to think about and although it may appear small under clothing, there is a round-mound pale white in all it's glory hiding under my layers. 

A girl at work once told me I describe things in the most disgusting ways imaginable. I think I got that from my father. We Carvers, we tend to be a bit....dramatic. For the record, I really do see/think the things I if I say it's a round-mound of pale white glory...I really do think of it that way.

I watched "Chocolat" for the first time last night. I know, I know. Late bloomer.
I know what you're thinking, Johnny Depp is a fox. And that woman, she is beautiful. But what I was thinking was "I really want some chocolate!!". THE. ENTIRE. MOVIE. If it hadn't been so late, I probably would have driven to the store just to get some.
Fear for me if I ever get pregnant.

But the movie was amazing, happy there are still good movies to resort to since all of the new ones suck mucho.

Then I watched Bridget Jones. OMG. I LOVE HER. Even if she looks incredibly awful during that entire movie, I just love her in it.

Next post, photos, I swear. Far more entertaining!