Thursday, August 28, 2008

Girly Girls & Baby Curls..

Great News! I have been pursuing ways to get some exposure for my headbands etc & I contacted a mommy blog that agreed to FEATURING the stuff TODAY! I invited Courtney, who makes cute baby stuff as well~ they are featuring her site today ( and my headbands later today! Visit their site, they give away baby & mommy stuff every week- all you have to do is comment!!
Thanks Savvy Baby!!
I had some of these made for my boutique earlier this summer - but never posted them. Here are some little girl & baby headbands...Nothing outrageous, just simple stuff. My favorite are the animal ones; my amazing friend Claire made the animals for me, she & I share a love for design!

All styles are stretch, so they fit all sizes! The flowers are attached. If I had a cute baby to put them on to take pictures I would! Where are all my nieces when I need them?!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A small little update!

Its been a couple weeks since we have posted! Things have been a little crazy around here! I promise to be back on my game soon! Chris is back at school (boo!) but its his last year (hurray!), so he is back to driving 90miles a day (luckily we have our amazing hybrid!). He will probably get a part time job since 3rd year is a little easier, let's hope he can find one!

Last week we made a short, last minute trip to UT & I forgot my camera!! Ugh, I was not happy about that! It was great to see the family. Chris & my dad went golfing twice & fishing once! It was their "man" time! They caught 15 fish & saw a Moose!! Yes, seriously. The next morning while golfing, my dad shot a 77 (apparently the game of his Life) but even more importantly he GOT A HOLE IN ONE!! So, needless to say, the boys had fun. I got to see a few of my very best friends; Miss Britney J., Jeni, Cara, Jessica, etc. (add a baby & a spouse or two as well) & spend time with my sister & brothers families! We also got to see Courtney & Josh, whom we rarely see when we go to UT, SO FUN! It was a great trip, I wish it could have been longer, but we'll be there for a week for Thanksgiving!

I am currently working on winter/fall accessories, as I do need my "creative" outlet! I have put it on hold for the past month since we haven't been home much but I am back at it starting this week! Headbands are doing great! Thank you to everyone who has helped me out! I would love to get a website started, but we'll just have to see how things work out.

Chris & I are also starting a "new" thing (as some of you may have read on my parents blog). We are doing our best to start eating healthier, working out etc. No soda, candy, etc etc. We had a lazy summer so we are feeling gross & ready to clean up our act! This week we are doing a cleanse! Yikes!
Work is going good, its still hiatus since most of the tv shows aren't back in production yet so we aren't super busy..but LINDSAY just got hired at our office (my sister-in-law) so now we are sisters & co-workers! Ill be the one training her, cross your fingers! haha. Thats our current life in a nutshell!! You are officially updated!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lake Naci

We just got back from a week at Lake Nacimiento. It was a great trip. We spent the week wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, cliff jumping, tubing, bowling etc. Here are some pics from our trip

This is my weak attempt at wakeboarding

Mari is a gangsta

And she drinks from sippy cups.

We spent a day at the Morro Bay where we saw seals, starfish, etc.

This is me flying off the tube

Luke showing off his estomogo

Just relaxing at the lake

Friday, August 8, 2008

Some News from the Spiker House!!

Just a quick update for everyone, Chris just finished working at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher for the summer .. AND...He was offered a job today! This means, once he graduates he already has a job! :) He is so awesome! So one more year at USC & then we are off to the big O.C.! We will probably move sometime after he takes the bar, middle of next Aug...Its a first for us to actually KNOW what our plans are..we are really excited. We both really liked the firm & the people Chris will be working with & we like Orange County; its clean & fun. So we are very excited, we had a great summer & it ended with a great offer! We are excited to start the 3rd & final year of law school in just a couple weeks! Time has flown! I can't believe its already been two years!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bye Bye Newport!

Chris & I just spent our last weekend in Newport! Chris will finish his last week this week & head home Saturday. We wanted to make it a last Hurrah! for our Newport-filled summer. We've had a great time, spending every weekend at the beach & eating a new restaurants, sleeping in & just having fun! We are crossing our fingers we get to move down here next year, once Chris graduates; its so beautiful & so much fun! Saturday we went to breakfast, bought a new camera, bought me the latest book in the Twilight series, and headed to Laguna. We walked around the shops & then we spent the rest of the afternoon reading on our beach towels. Then we went to dinner with Aunt Pam & Uncle Steve, whom we ADORE! They are so much fun. & After Chris shocked him with all his 'political views' we headed out to the big OC Fair! So fun!! This fair is huge, tons of rides & vendors & games. Sunday we went to church, then drove around & looked at the beautiful houses & walked on the beach, then we spent the rest of the day being lazy & watching movies in bed. We don't have a kitchen in Chris' apt so we have to eat out, so we went to our FAVORITE place of all time, for one last time. Habana, its a cuban place & its the most delicious food & the coolest atmo. Anyway, Here are some pictures of this weekend: (sorry these pictures are totally out of order).

we went to the big O.C. Fair~So fun!

This is what Chris calls "Fried Goodness"-aka "I want to die of a heart attack" or "ways to quickly become obese"....Fair food is AWFUL for you, we decided we'd only partake in one delicious treat, and the Funnel Cake was the winner. OH IT WAS WORTH IT! So delicious!
This is the Monkey Chris won for me!

Chris was so good at all the games! I talked so much crap before, saying how much I would own him in all the games! But he rocked! Here is him playing darts! He won me an elephant in this one..

The basketball game is sooo hard! And Chris won first try, this is our Monkey that he won from it!

We bought a new camera, here are some of our "test" shots while playing around with it...

Ah, our romantic kiss....Isn't he sort of scary in this pic?! I love him, he cracks me up!
There was traffic on the way to the fair, I HAD to take a picture of how angry Chris was was too funny..Can you see him about to say something not so nice? hah!