Sunday, November 30, 2008

I was able to cook with my mom all day, probably one of my favorite memories with her so far!
Thanksgiving 2008 was a hit! Josh, Jen, Jacob, Kaylee & Landon- YOU WERE MISSED! Don't think we didn't notice you weren't there...we got some GREAT video JUST for you guys! We love you & can't wait to see you at Reunion 2009!
This year was so fun! We ran a race, we ate A LOT of food & we got to hang out! Courtney picked me up from the airport & I was able to hang out with her & Josh for a couple of hours, and see Josh's cute mom & sister (briefly)- but it was so good to see them! I arrived at my mom's just to open the door to her wonderful orange-cinnamon smelling house! Ahh, the HOLIDAYS AT MOM'S! I got to see some of my favorite friends! Jessica & Lynlee. As well as my BFF Britney- who basically is an honorary Carver. Jeni & Olivia also came over, and can I tell you how CUTE Olivia is?! Oh my... Anyway, the week was so busy I didn't get a chance to see many other people-but I am grateful for the ones I did see! The week was full of crazy carver game nights, eating LOTS of food (my mom is always making something), movies & playing Wii & SO MUCH MORE! Chris arrived mid-week & everyone was so excited! I love how my family has welcomed my husband in every way they can! Oh & It was so great- I finally got to meet Lauren'ts baby-Lily! She is the most well behaved, cutest, always smiling, AH I love her!! I already miss her. I also got to see all my ADORABLE neices & nephews! I miss them! Hanging out with my siblings is probably my #1 favorite thing to do. They are all so much fun! My cute parents are awesome, they make coming home so much fun & they try to do all the things we "miss". Anyway, I could go on & on...but let's just say it was a great trip & I only wish I could have had MORE!!

Let me warn you, the pictures are out of order! Some aren't that flattering but I wanted to include a bunch!



Patrick is such a cute dad
Lauren & Chris are buddies

Granpa hanging out with the kids
Ammon & Lily- this is one of my favorite pictures!
We went to Twilight! It was a lot better the 2nd time for me!
Crystal & Lily (i made her that headband!)

I got to visit my good friend Jessica & also ran into my friend(as well as family) Lynlee! It was great! I wish I lived by these girls!
I also got to see my best friend, Britney. I plan on living next door to her someday!
This is one of MANY cute pictures of Lily! I was so glad to finally meet her!
Crystal, Lauren, & I are sort of into "tasting" things. So we taste-tested all the different flavors of Martinelli's & candy popcorn we could find. All I have to say is: stick to the original flavor! trust me!!
Lily-lou always happy
Ellie & her cute pig tails
We ran a 4mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! Courtney came down & ran with us, it was so fun!