Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Talk

Yesterday I was finally able to meet this little lady, here are a few photos, as promised :)

Little Miss Reese is, from what I could tell, an angel. She is such a good baby. Ashley told me that she hardly cries & is just so sweet. After my visit yesterday, I totally agree. She is so tiny (but a big baby, especially for tiny Ash) and I loved holding her little body! Ashley is doing great, she looked GORGEOUS! I was going to take a pic with her too, but she was just too worn out. Just know she didn't even look like she had just gone through 12 hours of labor- she looked beautiful.

Look at her cute little lips! I want to hold her again!

I stood & rocked Reese while Ash told me about her labor. I have SO MUCH RESPECT for mothers! I mean, come on. I have heard many, many labor stories (I have 15 nieces & nephews, plus friends who have babies)--but I never get tired of hearing them. Ashley's was different from the others & I was in awe while she was telling me. The best part was, she broke it down to me with all the facts--hid nothing. Which I appreciate! There are so many things people don't tell you about it, I learn new things all the time that shock me, and often times scare me! :)
Ash you are seriously amazing! I expect you to come & help me when I have mine! I can't wait to spend more time with you & Reese, and of course BABYSIT!

yes, you heard me when I have mine! No I am not pregnant...but will be someday. But I'll answer the question I know you are thinking....YES, this TOTALLY made me want to have a baby even more!

congrats ashy & j. i love your little girl already!

Friday, August 28, 2009

the anticipation is killing me

THIS chick you see above *not me obviously, is AMAZING! THIS chick is one of my bestest friends in the whole widest world (truly not an exaggeration). THIS chick had her first child yesterday, yes...Ms. Ashley & Mr. Joey are parents! I absolutey cannot freaking wait to get my hands on that baby girl!!! Ahhhh! Ash had her late last night, after being in labor ALLLL day! She & Joey were sending updates via text & at 8:06pm
Reese Madison Howard
was born! 7.5lbs & healthy! What more could you ask for?!

Today I get to go meet this little lady & hug my friend.
I am so excited the anticipation is killing me!

Congrats Ash & J--I know it was the biggest day of your life.

I couldn't be happier for you!
(and of course I'll be posting more pictures soon!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Linda & Courtney's Utah TV Debut!

Courtney started a business called Designer Consigner & was featured today on the Utah television show "Good Things Utah" (sort of like 'Good Day LA' etc). How cool right?
Linda, Court , & her friend Tori were all models on the show so I thought I'd share the link(only about 1min long clip)!
Congrats to Court for being on the show & to Linda for being a hot model ;)

click here to watch!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Two days after the Chris completed the Bar Exam we hoped on a plane with the Spiker family & went to Mexico! A much needed vacation, after a very stressful and busy summer.
We stayed in Playa Del Carmen, just outside of Cancun. I love the resort we stay at because it's not on the strip of hotels where it's crowded & crazy. I like the quiet & open feel of it. When we arrived in Mexico, we met up with more Spikers, my parents, & my brother and his wife. We had an awesome time! I loved having members from both of our families there at the same time! The weather was warm, not too hot--the right kind of hot if you know what I mean...the kind that you want to sit & soak up. We kept busy but fit in plenty of beach time as well. For myself & Chris, this is our #2 favorite spot (right behind Kauai).

We went to the ancient Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza, which are now one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The city was enormous! Building after building, and we were able to witness even more excavation! They haven't even completed digging it all out! I gained a new appreciation for how advanced they were for their time after seeing what they built. We were all glad we spent this day here, it was a definite highlight of our week.

Steve was constantly harassed by locals selling handmade items...I guess they could spot a 'softie' pretty easily

some of the actual coloring they used was still preserved

sorta creepy..

My dad
(look at that white sand & gorgeous water!)

One night there was an incredible lightning storm over the ocean, so we went to the beach to get front row seats

My brother PJ & Chris

there was a lot of volleyball played

we took catamaran's out on the water by our hotel, the water was beautiful! there really is nothing like it.

steve wanted to be an ancient indian too....or a little kid again, I am not really sure which

Luke learned that wrestling on the sand has it's side effects, the rest of us learned that Luke likes to lick people when he wrestles them..

Chris & his granny Rita

i feel like a freakishly tall human being in this photo

Chris & I are strange individuals

he was trying to make me not quite sure, but his crazy wet hair is cracking me up

our big Spiker clan

my sweet parents

at every meal we had authentic guitar music played for us

my mom & I rode a ferry across to Isla Mujeres, the water was incredible

On Isla Mujeres we met up with the rest of the family. We rented golf carts & toured the island.

we went to an aquarium and saw baby turtles & sea horses! cute!

look how tiny!

we also saw a shark in the ocean- don't let this photo fool you, it was about 8ft long

we sailed the ocean blue on a big white sail boat
Pat being ...Pat

the men driving the sailboat tried to spice up our ride, they came out with loud dance music & "soda shots" since none of us drink, it was hilarious to watch them try to get us all excited--here I am with my shot

Here is a video of part of the lightning storm we watched from the beach. It was at night, so the black is literally what we saw--until the lightning would hit. It was really cool to watch...