Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Spike..

Chris is such a funny guy. If anyone of you haven't met him yet, you should! He seriously is one-of-a-kind! I just wanted to share a few reasons why Chris is so awesome & unique.

-He drives a Prius, but doesn't believe in Global Warming (when asked he says "that doesn't even make sense, if its 'warming' then why is everything so cold?!" -because I had said "its colder in CA this year than ever, its probably due to global warming"LOL he is a hard sell)
-He hates 95% of my tv show choices, (Gossip Girl, Extreme Home MakeOver, Grey's, Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Idol..etc etc. etc) YET he knows everyone in the show BY NAME & actually gets so into it he gets UPSET & tries to tell me why the show doesn't make sense. It's absolutely hilarious & a little.... obnioxious (I mean who wants constant commentary? I have to pause it probably 5 times so he can finish his ranting)
-He is so smart, brilliant in fact. Occationally it makes him a titch nerdy, but its cute. Not many people are as smart as this boy.
-He honks at old ladies jogging/walking...Not a 'Get out of the way!', more like a honk followed by a "ya baby!" or a "wooohooo!"..When I asked him why he hits on older women He says "What?!They like the encouragement!"LOL!!
-He makes me lunch EVERY sunday, Im not talking bagels people, Im talking PASTA etc I know...AWESOME.
-He turns EVERYTHING into a song
-He says "Sometimes I get tired of Social Skills"
-When planning our first Sunday School lesson for our new teenage class Chris decided a South Park clip would be a perfect opener! Lol!Genius I tell you!
-He can throw tennis balls with his extremely long & freakish toes
-His knees hyper extend when he is standing, happens all the time, its totally normal for him
-He can be so BLUNT its scary, you see...Chris RARELY gets he thinks everyone is the same way. WRONG. When someone asks his opinion, you better be ready for the COLD HARD TRUTH...he doesn't sugar coat AT ALL. Lauren, finds it hilarious. Some people who aren't used to Chris sit silently & dont respond! LOL! Its always best NOT to get offended by him, because he isn't trying to offend, he is just being Chris!
-He stands about 12inches away from our tv when he is watching the last 5min of the 4th quarter of ALL Laker games, and he jumps & yells & even paces...
-He refers to himself as a "Actor, Writer, Dancer, Singer, Choreographer" & demonstrates these skills daily

Oh the list can go on & on & on. He is just so freaking funny & cracks me up constantly!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fa la lah lahhh!

Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve began at Aunt Roxann's house- the Spiker extended family all gathered together (we missed you R Spikers!) to celebrate. We ate & had a gift exchange which was absolutely hilarious! Chris & I put in a headband basket which was the first basket to go! We made out with gift cards to Pink Berry & Outback! We were pretty excited. After the gift exchange Aunt Cynthia passed out the most precious gift to each of us. A memory book of Trevor, Roxann's son who passed away 2 years ago from cancer at age 14. We were all able to email thoughts to be included into the book. It brought tears & laughs as everyone read through the book. Cynthia was so sweet to remind us of him.

After the festivities we all went back to Chris' parents & watched Christmas Vacation!

Sam, Lindsay, Cynthia, Ashley, McKenna
Me & my homies: Luke, Mari, Patrick
After Trevor's book. Cynthia & her 3 daughters: Mckenna, Cynthia, Maddy, Sam
He loves his mama: Linda & Chris
Mari, Courtney, & Lindsay
(lindsay wearing one of my headbands! She is so supportive)
Sam & Steve
Chris & Mari
Chris & Grandma Rita have a special bond, he loves sitting & talking with her

Christmas Morning!

Court & I
Court & Linds wearing the Oh So Fabulous headwear I gave them
Aren't we such pretty non-make up early morning people??
Josh's back, Linds, Me, Linda, & Court
Um, yes- we know.
Good Morning Lindsay!
Chris & his papa
Steve & I share a love for slippers

Christmas Day!
Mari & Chris
Grandma Judy & I
She has been teaching me how to sew over the past few months, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her better! She is so much fun & more hip than a 16yr old!
The Lakers were playing...need I say more?
Our good friend Kevin TenEyck came over because his wonderful wife Lindsay was working at the hospital! He is a good family friend & we were so glad to have him!
Chris, Josh, Pat, & Kevin

I am so lucky to have this woman as a mother in law! She is always so thoughtful & fun. And since I have been away from my own mama she has been helping me learn to cook! She is not just a mother in law, I totally consider this Hot Cougar a friend.
Linda & I
The evolution of taking a picture of Chris.....

Cookie Time!

Mari & CourtChris making every picture unique as usual. And his twin & partner in crime Lindsay, who has flour boob!

Taking beautiful pictures with my husband as usualThe cookie gang!
Chris-not caring one bit about the picture,Bob (Grandma's boyfriend), Court & Josh, Grandma Judy-bo-booty, Lindsay, Mari, & Cute Luke.
Please note Chris' face..Making Lady Fingers!
Intermission while the cookies baked..
Christmas Kisses!

The finished product! I am mostly afraid of the darkish Christmas tree to the left and Chris' huge tree with the gobs of frosting and nasty looking star..
We also had a cookie contest! Which tree is the best!?That night we watched Home Alone (hilarious!! such a classic) and made amazing hot chocolate (Courtney gave me the most amazing Hot Choc for Christmas- Max Brennar's all the way from NY!)
The next day the girls drove down to meet Aunt Pam(Linda's sister) and her daughter Taylor. It was so nice to sit & catch up with them! Chris & I look forward to seeing them more often when we move down south next fall.
Pam, Judy, Linda, Lindsay, Courtney, Taylor, Mari
We had a very Merry Christmas & hope you did too!!

Merry Christmas!

This year Chris and I had Christmas with his family here in LA. We had a great time! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because its more of a season rather than just a day. I love the feel of when 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'. The music, the decorations, the cold air. Christmas is and always has been a huge time for my family- we are very big on traditions. So it's always full of fun and special memories for me.  My mom does fudge, brittle, cookies, cakes, you name it! She always has Christmas music on in her car and playing in the house. Our house is decked out from top to bottom in Nutcrackers and snowmen etc. 
In my family, we always try our best to incorporate the true meaning of the holiday as much as possible. We always spend Christmas Eve reading the Nativity out of the Bible and as children we used to play each of the characters. Then we would all pile in the car and drive around singing Christmas songs and looking at all of the Christmas lights. We would come back home to a big sheet covering the entry way to the room that had the Christmas tree- so all you could see through it were the outlines of the presents and the soft glowing lights (this was because my parents never put out a single present until Christmas Eve after we went to sleep, they hid them in their locked room all month long to drive us crazy!).  We would read a sweet Christmas story, about giving and love and it would always make at least a few of us cry. The morning would come and all the fun would begin! We would all line up, youngest to oldest a the entry way and be frantic to be let in as we could see MANY more gifts than before. These are just a few of the many traditions we have as a Carver family & I hope to carry some of them as well as the Spiker traditions, on into my own little family. 
  I have a testimony of our Savior and what he did for all of us. Christmas is a wonderful time to remember our Lord and why we are here on this earth. I am so grateful to have my family and to have even MORE family now that I am married. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy Birthday to my oh-so-fantastic father in law! Steve is a big old 51! He is a hard core Republican, jokester, Businessman, Golfer, possessive over his leather chair, Father, Brother, Husband, he gets hit on by old women...the list goes on!
Last night we went to dinner for his birthday & next week we will have a family party at a pottery studio when Court & Josh are here! I just wanted to post a quick little post. Steve is hilarious! From the first time I met him he had me laughing. He often refers to himself as Stan, Pakistan-y, the King...I also am his favorite person to tease, EVER. He loves to get pictures of me and mess them up so I look like my face is 40 in long, he loves to mock me & harass me whenever possible! He always wants to play a joke or find a way to trick someone, he is such a boy at heart- always doing outdoors things & staying active. Nothing is ever boring when you are with Steve! He always has the best stories & knows how to connect with almost anyone!

On a more serious note, he is a great example to me. He is faithful, loyal, and honest. He is a great worker & that is something that I was raised to value, so I appreciate that about him. He loves his wife so much & is such a proud father. He support Chris & I in anyway he can- whether it be to offer to help us move something or an invite to their house for dinner. He is extremely respectful to women. He is so generous with his time & his means, he truly is the definition of a good guy. I appreciate him so much & how he has helped me transition into a new family. I love laughing with him (even if its at myself!) and I am TRULY LUCKY to have him as my father in law. Thanks for all you do & for being so great Steve!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas EM

Last night we had my work Christmas party! Chris was very reluctant to come, but luckily he had Chase there to keep him company (Curtis was at the end of the table all by himself). I have worked at EM for 2 1/2 years now & I have to say I have made some really fun friends there. Our job can be super stressful & chaotic, so we appreciate the Holiday season when the industry quiets down. These are the people that make it happen! We had dinner & a gift exchange. I have told so many of you stories about my co-workers, I thought you'd appreciate some pictures so you can now visualize them!
Happy Holidays!

(Kids Management) Lori, Laura & Gypsy & her date
a girl from Kids Management...Jamie & Kev (my boss & his wife)
I love these two! Elaine & Zack
Debbie, Chase (Jacque's Hubby), Jac

Registration Sensation! Jacque, Me, Linds
Lindsay & her BOYFRIEND Curt
Jeanette & I
The Spikers, aren't we cute?
I particularly like this picture of Elaine and I because my hair crossing over my eye makes me look like I have a lazy eye!