Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas EM

Last night we had my work Christmas party! Chris was very reluctant to come, but luckily he had Chase there to keep him company (Curtis was at the end of the table all by himself). I have worked at EM for 2 1/2 years now & I have to say I have made some really fun friends there. Our job can be super stressful & chaotic, so we appreciate the Holiday season when the industry quiets down. These are the people that make it happen! We had dinner & a gift exchange. I have told so many of you stories about my co-workers, I thought you'd appreciate some pictures so you can now visualize them!
Happy Holidays!

(Kids Management) Lori, Laura & Gypsy & her date
a girl from Kids Management...Jamie & Kev (my boss & his wife)
I love these two! Elaine & Zack
Debbie, Chase (Jacque's Hubby), Jac

Registration Sensation! Jacque, Me, Linds
Lindsay & her BOYFRIEND Curt
Jeanette & I
The Spikers, aren't we cute?
I particularly like this picture of Elaine and I because my hair crossing over my eye makes me look like I have a lazy eye!


Spiker said...

Cute picyures of everybody! You need to email me the photo of Lindsay and Curtis! We finally have proof that a boyfriend actually exists!~ linda

Rachel said...

Looks like fun! Nice shiny jacket Chris! Mari, you always look so beautiful! The staff sure has changed since I was there...

Adam & Samantha said...

very cute! i worked there for a little bit and it was soo fun! everyone is so cool! merry christmas!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

ahha. the jacket isn't shiny in person, i was surprised when it photographed that way rach (this is Mari). & I know, I think the pic is so cute of Linds & Curt! Ill email it to you Linda!
Sam- I hope we see you before you leave! I cant believe work got busy today so I had to leave church early! I was bummed!

lauren said...

cute pics!! Looks like you had fun!And I know its not the point- but lindsay has FABULOUS hair!!! I am SOOO hoping you have some kids with that hair gene!!! Its amazing.

The Coccimiglios said...

Hey Mari~
Thanks for the comment, I can't wait until Christmas gets easier that would be amazing. And I'm glad I finally got to met you too and a little jealous you get to see Jack everyday, she is amazing! Have a good Holiday!

The Ten Eycks said...

That is so cool and Kevin is your boss, he is such a nice guy! I'm glad you had a good time, the pics are great. Merry Christmas!!!