Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Patrick..

This weekend I had to say goodbye to one of my very favorite people, Patrick. I cried.
(Chris says goodbye in 2 weeks, but I'll be out of town)
Patrick will soon be Elder Spiker, serving in Argentina. He goes into the MTC on May 12th.
On Sunday Patrick gave his farewell talk in church, which was excellent. It was hard to picture him as a missionary until that moment, and it just sunk it and felt so much more real watching him up on the stand.
Patrick has a special place in my heart. Being the youngest I've never known what it was like having younger siblings--Patrick & Luke have both been sort of my "adopted" younger brothers, and I love it. Patrick has this charm about him, that is so endearing and makes you want him around all of the time. I am sure this trait will helpful on his mission. Chris admires Pat and has a lot of confidence in him, he always tells me how smart & talented Patrick is--he is a proud big brother. We love having Patrick around.
He is a good boy.
(I am sad I left my camera in OC and didn't take any pics from this weekend. :( )

We are so proud of Patrick's decision to serve the Lord, and know he will be an incredible missionary.
See you in 2years Pat! We miss you already!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Body Bugg

Working out {okay, mostly cardio} has been on my mind a lot lately. I really miss it! I love how it clears my head, gives me energy, and makes me happier. I am cleared to work out starting May 15th, and I am desperate for that day to come! I know it won't be easy, since my feet still ache often and swell up constantly. I just keep hoping that over the next few weeks I will see huge improvements {in other words I hope that the pain goes away by May 15th}.

Surgery ain't a breeze, I know that now.

On another health related note: My two oldest brothers, Cim (34) & Josh (33) have both been using the BodyBugg. I have never heard of it before now, but I have to say it sounds like quite the little contraption! Cim has lost 42+lbs using it & Josh has lost 35+lbs in two months! I am inspired by my brothers pursuit to a healthier, more fit life. Good job boys!
You can grab yourself a BodyBugg, by clicking here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feels like Summertime

I love our little, old, apartment. I love that it's 2bdrms. I love that we don't share walls with anyone. I love that we are so close to the beach and that I can walk to the grocery store. And I love that we have a cute little patio.
This past week my parents came for a visit, which was lovely. The weather was awesome- 70-80's. We went walking a lot, went to Balboa, saw movies, ate yummy food, and laughed constantly. It was really nice to have family here. My brother & his family joined us for a beach day too! Chris hung out whenever he could, which wasn't much- he has been so very busy with work lately. But I am happy he could hang out even for those small bits. While they were here my Dad & I hung lights over the patio--they turned out so cute! Here are the before & after pics.
I still need to get some fun colorful pillows for the back of the chairs--but isn't it so cute? I love it. Now that it feels like summer here I know we will be eating out there all the time. You're invited if you ever want to join us :)

Here are some pics from the visit with the familia:

My dad & I went on my first bike ride since surgery. We wanted to see how hard it was for me {on a scale of 1-10 it would have been a 7, a 9 on the uphill parts}. It was a lot of fun. My dad is one of those people you have to understand to enjoy. He can be completely off & strange, but if you understand him it's fun! It's hilarious! You can fully enjoy hanging out with him if you take things a little less seriously. As a teenager--I didn't quite grasp this. I am so glad I've seen the light now--he is a great father, and I wouldn't change one quirky thing about him.

I also am just cracking up at these photos. They perfectly portray his personality.
Yes, my father is pretending to smoke a joint in one of them.
My mother will die when she sees that I posted it on my blog!

I am looking forward to more bike rides, walks, and sunshine!
Hooray for warm, sunny California!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet Julie

Doesn't she look nice? I think so. Let me tell you how I came to find this lovely lady.

Being in my particular predicament I have been unable to get a job, go to school, etc. --which has led to me to seek out pattern making lessons.
I love clothes {obviously}. I thought, 'Hey, I have the time--why not see if I can find someone to teach me to make patterns?'. Then I searched.
And searched.
And searched.
Apparently if you'd like to learn how to sew there are several people out there who'd like to help you. But to learn pattern construction? Not so many.

Then I found Julie.
Hello expertise. Hello experience. Hello nice, friendly face. :)

Ms. Julie has mad skills. She taught pattern making for years & has made patterns for many designers. She took a few years off when she became a mommy and is now getting back into teaching. She plans to open up a shop in the future where you can learn to sew, pattern make, etc.--but for now she is teaching private lessons from her studio.

Yes, please.

Lucky little me found Julie & jumped on the opportunity.

I drug my swollen feet & tired self to her studio and have enjoyed every lesson! I am learning so much! I have completed Pattern Making 1 & plan to take Pattern Making 2 soon. She does group or private classes. The thing I love most about her is that you can choose what she teaches--you tell her what you want to learn/what your goals are & she will set up a class schedule catering to that. If anyone wants to take Pattern Making 2 with me {learning to make a dress!}, I would love it! You don't have to take Pattern Making 1 to take Pattern Making 2.

Here is my first completed top {side/back view}, it's a slouchy fitting tee, perfect for leggings and skinny jeans. It's not perfect because learning to use an overlock machine (aka serger) was no picnic. And don't judge the color, I just used left over fabric I had laying around.
If you are in SoCal & are interested in some sewing/pattern making type lessons you can find her here: Sewing Parlor.