Thursday, December 9, 2010

Talking just to Talk

Sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to talk. Like when I don't see Chris for 2 days and I just ramble and ramble when I see him.

My last conversation with my husband consisted of me talking and him reading his blackberry saying "Uh huh" and me saying "You're not listening" ..."Yes I am"....he wasn't. lol. 

So I blog.

You know when you know something to be true, but you don't want it to be, so you just ignore it or avoid it? I've been doing that. It eventually comes to a head ya's true.  Its been happening to me for the past 2 days. You should prepare yourself. It's not very fun.

Remember those little lifesaver Christmas books that came with all of the lifesaver packs/books around Christmas time? Not the candy book, but the little story book on the back of it?  I loved them. Probably because they were mini. I kept mine every year. ( freak flag waving high.)  I still have them, about 12 of them or a box somewhere in guest room closet. I adored them when I was little and kept thinking, "one day these will be collectors items!" haha. Oh man.

So my house is 90% decorated for Christmas. The remaining 10% is my tree. It's up, tree skirt & all. Light? Nope. Ornaments? Hah. 

It's going to be a very Anthro Christmas this year, I hope people don't get sick of their Anthro goodies. If you are just tell me and I'll keep your gifts for myself! Okay, not really....well, actually...

I often call my friend who lives two states away to help me with my homework.
Is that weird?  
(you can be honest with me Jeni...)

I haven't been to the gym in THREE WEEKS and I feel disgusting. Oh and Cancun is in 2 weeks? Awesome time to fall off the wagon. Barf.

Chris keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, I keep telling him the same 3 things:
1. An amazing craft room. 
I have it all planned out in my head. It is going to be fab. Ah, one day.
2. A baby
3. A puppy

He then tells me,   "Think of other things."

I purchased Chris a fly Marc Jacobs suit for Christmas this year. It's so rad. He looks handsome and oh-so-stylish. Don't worry, I've been saving since May for that lol. Why do I feel sad that he doesn't have anything to open on the actual day? 
(he opened it early because he is going to Boston for work next week and wanted to wear it)

Does my sarcasm come through when I type? I always wonder that.

The other day a girl at work told me her biggest pet peeve is when people say the word "like" all of the time. I've been very self-conscious around her since! I'm always talking slow to make sure I don't say it and it's actually REALLY hard for me!

I really wish I could type my French papers while taking a bubble bath...

Anyway, if someone has a chance to come clean my house, do my homework, paint my nails, and decorate my Christmas tree give me a ring. Rates are totally negotiable.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Thanksgiving came & went already? Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot I'm 25 now and I should expect the rest of my life to flash before my eyes. Got it.

Highlights (& some lowlights) of the trip back home:
We were able to meet our newest niece Lucy, who is truly adorable!
Chris missed two flights, was stranded in Vegas for 5 hours
Harry Potter
Amazing Thanksgiving Feast with *almost* my entire family (we missed you J & J!!!)
Authentic Texan Fried Turkey!
Chris went to the Laker Game w/ the Spiker men
Arriving in Long Beach with our car in the OC due to Chris' mega-flight-mishap

Betcha can't guess which ones are lowlights! (I'm aware of my total misuse of that word btw) Anyway, the trip was wonderful and went by WAY too fast, as usual. I always have a list of people I am dying to see and usually barely skim the top of it!! Ah, what can ya do?  

It was a WONDERFUL TRIP!!! Even if it was next to Zero degrees the entire time!! I love going home and since I get to only 2-3 times per year it always flies by! Boo!

watching football.. Meeting Lucy!
 Lauren and her youngest, Lily
 Uncle Ammon flew in 2 days early to babysit Lauren's kids while she & Patrick were in Hawaii. Lily formed a very special bond with him!!
 Cooking with my little chef-to-be niece Kailah
 My oldest brother Cim & his beautiful wife Katie

 Patrick's friend, Dustin, from Texas came up for the holiday, he made us an authentic Texan turkey...fried and everything!!

 Lauren and her best friend, Lori

 I love these crazy kids
 Crystal and her youngest, Hailey!

 PJ & Rena...look how big Alex is getting!
 We went to a place called Jump On It....basically a huge place full of a million trampolines...the kids & adults had a blast. The adults got a little crazy...Ammon, Patrick, and Chris all twisted their ankles!

 This picture makes me so happy! Look how hilarious they are!

I wanted to save these for last, because as unflattering as most of them are, they are hilarious. Ammon decided that taking several shots in a row would be the sure way to get at least one great picture of my sisters and I. (blame it on his photo shoot experience lol). These pics pretty much describe the typical interaction between the 3 of us.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In case you were wondering...

Dear Journal, Diary, Blog...
I should be studying right now, but I'm not. I have three finals tomorrow & literally zero motivation. Chris is MIA. My house looks like a Giant came and lifted it up, flipped it over, possibly gave it a good shake or two...then set it back down. It's been one of those weeks if you know what I mean. Where is my motivation? I certainly wish I could find it....tonight!

Aren't you excited it's the holiday season? I can't wait. I've already planned when we are going to buy our Christmas tree (clearly I'm Type-A)...Guess what Chris said when I told him?
Mari "Yay! I can't wait to buy our tree! I want to do an entirely different theme to it this year!"
Chris ...long pause....(watching TV)...."We aren't buying a Christmas tree, we will be in Cancun"
Mari (gasp! in dramaaaaatic gasp) "NO!!!We ARE! We don't leave for Mexico until the 26th!! We HAVE TO HAVE A TREE!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!"
Chris (attention now on me...small laugh) "Fine"

Well, at least I'm getting a Christmas tree. Even if Scrooge is anti :) I've been singing him the theme song to the Grinch...I need to memorize all of the words, that song is actually hilarious.  You can read the lyrics here if you so please. Last year I gave him Grinch pajama bottoms...he really is the Grinch! I'm telling you. I don't know how he stands living with me, I'm the polar opposite of that.

(OMG! I just threw my computer because a spider crawled on ME!!!! I am glad it didn't break, that was terrifying!!!)

Wow, sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, see how I'm putting off studying by rambling on and on? I'm actually busier than ever this week and here I am, typing a's actually therapeutic to think about something other than boutiques, orders, work, school, messy house...

I'm pretty excited to go home for Thanksgiving, I secretly wish it snows while I'm there. I won't have a white Christmas, so I'm hoping to get a taste of it while I'm home. 
Working at Anthro is amazing. Everyone says "Oh I wouldn't be able to work there" "How do you do it? I bet it's so hard" (implying that the discount must be evil)...and I actually couldn't disagree more. Sure it's "probably" a bad thing to have a discount because it encourages shopping...But in my eyes, shipping=good, discount=awesome, discount at your favorite store=super awesome. I do have a budget I must stick to, of course---but I think the discount is a great thing :) 

My grandma (mom's mom) is 96! She just had a bit of a scare last week because she had a pretty severe staff infection...When she went in for her check up this week the Dr took off his glasses and shook his head & said,  "Well Irene..I don't know how you do it, but you've come through! I thought I was going to have to put you in the hospital with a bad ending"...she replied "Well Dr, everything is in the Lords hands!" (said with a big grin of course) How cute is she?!
 I'm so glad she is okay. I admire her more than anyone on this planet. I love her so much.

I want to move to NYC desperately. Just for a year or two. I think it would be such an adventure. Then I want to settle down in a neighborhood and home much like the one Ina has on Barefoot Contessa. (which BTW is one of my favorite shows ever)

I've rented a Christmas movies every week for the past 4 weeks. If you have any suggestions send em my way, I can't seem to get enough! (so far I've watched: Christmas with the Kranks, The Santa Claus, It's a Wonderful Life, Home Alone 1 & 2, that dumb one with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.., and The Holiday). 
I'm trying to hunt down Miracle on 34th street...

Some of my holiday must have's courtesy of the lovely & talented people at Anthropologie:

  for the wee ones..

Usually my tree is silver, gold, champagne etc...but this year I want it to be quirky and colorful.

Ok this rambling fest must come to an end, it's time for me to hit the books. 
Someone tell my husband to please come home soon! :(

Monday, November 15, 2010

Come to the Market!

I've been busier than ever lately. Work, School, and working on Mari Elizabeth Couture & Autumn Dame. I'm happy to be busy and grateful to have hobbies that bring me so much satisfaction! I've been working extra hard lately to prepare for some fantastic boutiques that I sell at every year. I adore these boutiques. They sell the absolute cutest things and I feel flattered to be apart of them. If you're in UT this weekend be sure to stop by the Bijou Market! If you're in UT the weekend after Thanksgiving, Dec 2nd-4th be sure to stop by the Beehive Bazaar! 
I always find great Christmas gifts (as well as something for myself if I'm being honest) at these events.

I'll be selling autumn dame clothing & some fun accessories! 
I have hand knitted chunky infiniti-scarves, big loop infiniti-scarves, 
and some cute holiday packaging ties (so adorable! I want to keep them all for my wrapping needs!)

Come! Support! You won't regret it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Celebration!

My 25th Birthday was full of surprises! My husband shocked me this year with his lack of procrastination & his ability to trick me! I know I say this all of the time, but I really do feel so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man. He makes life amazing and I couldn't be happier.
I was a well loved girl this year and I couldn't have felt more blessed!

We kicked off my day with a "birthday eve" present! I think we'll have to make it a tradition! :) The day of my birthday I woke up to another gift from Chris (so sweet!) and then had to go to class, boo!  However, I opted to ditch Math halfway through and I went for a run in the sun on our lovely little beach and treated myself to a pedicure. I'm confident I made the right choice!

That night Chris & I had dinner plans, so off we went. Much to my surprise & delight we walked up to a table full of friends! They completely tricked me! Seeing as it was Thursday and we live all the way down in Newport, I never even imagined anyone would come down. Surprises are now officially one of my favorite things ever! It was the BEST! I literally couldn't stop smiling all night! Totally made the day! I couldn't believe they would fight all of that traffic just to be there with me on my birthday. Like I said, I'm blessed! 
(I didn't get a clear photo with Chris, which I'm sad about.)

Ash was the brains behind the operation. She is one of my very best friends and is like a sister to me. I can't even begin to describe what a generous and thoughtful person she is.

The Boys

My old EM team!

Love Birds

Sweet Lindsay Lou Lou & Ash. I wish I could hang out with these two all of the time!

All the girls. Jami, Janae, and Jessica came down too!

 The next three days were a continuation-celebration! I always love when birthdays spill over onto other days, it's so much more fun!
I received some lovely packages in the mail (thank you!) and Chris and I spent the night carving pumpkins (more importantly we spent time together, such a rare thing these days!).

Saturday we met up with two of our favorite people, Trevor & Shelby for dinner and Phantom of the Opera! I was SO excited!! A real birthday treat! I brought my camera, but forgot to take pictures! Dork! It was such a blast hanging out with them and we loved the show.

Sunday we drove up to see Chris' family! We live only 2 hrs from them but feel like we never see them! Linda was so awesome & prepared the most amazing birthday feast for us! And of course we loved seeing Marali, Grandma, and the rest of the family too.

It was an amazing birthday. 
25th you came, you went, & you were fabulous.