Thursday, December 9, 2010

Talking just to Talk

Sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to talk. Like when I don't see Chris for 2 days and I just ramble and ramble when I see him.

My last conversation with my husband consisted of me talking and him reading his blackberry saying "Uh huh" and me saying "You're not listening" ..."Yes I am"....he wasn't. lol. 

So I blog.

You know when you know something to be true, but you don't want it to be, so you just ignore it or avoid it? I've been doing that. It eventually comes to a head ya's true.  Its been happening to me for the past 2 days. You should prepare yourself. It's not very fun.

Remember those little lifesaver Christmas books that came with all of the lifesaver packs/books around Christmas time? Not the candy book, but the little story book on the back of it?  I loved them. Probably because they were mini. I kept mine every year. ( freak flag waving high.)  I still have them, about 12 of them or a box somewhere in guest room closet. I adored them when I was little and kept thinking, "one day these will be collectors items!" haha. Oh man.

So my house is 90% decorated for Christmas. The remaining 10% is my tree. It's up, tree skirt & all. Light? Nope. Ornaments? Hah. 

It's going to be a very Anthro Christmas this year, I hope people don't get sick of their Anthro goodies. If you are just tell me and I'll keep your gifts for myself! Okay, not really....well, actually...

I often call my friend who lives two states away to help me with my homework.
Is that weird?  
(you can be honest with me Jeni...)

I haven't been to the gym in THREE WEEKS and I feel disgusting. Oh and Cancun is in 2 weeks? Awesome time to fall off the wagon. Barf.

Chris keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, I keep telling him the same 3 things:
1. An amazing craft room. 
I have it all planned out in my head. It is going to be fab. Ah, one day.
2. A baby
3. A puppy

He then tells me,   "Think of other things."

I purchased Chris a fly Marc Jacobs suit for Christmas this year. It's so rad. He looks handsome and oh-so-stylish. Don't worry, I've been saving since May for that lol. Why do I feel sad that he doesn't have anything to open on the actual day? 
(he opened it early because he is going to Boston for work next week and wanted to wear it)

Does my sarcasm come through when I type? I always wonder that.

The other day a girl at work told me her biggest pet peeve is when people say the word "like" all of the time. I've been very self-conscious around her since! I'm always talking slow to make sure I don't say it and it's actually REALLY hard for me!

I really wish I could type my French papers while taking a bubble bath...

Anyway, if someone has a chance to come clean my house, do my homework, paint my nails, and decorate my Christmas tree give me a ring. Rates are totally negotiable.


Audrey {Crisp} said...

I love you! You are so funny! I ask my husband for the same things...minus the craft room... we only have a one bedroom apt! HAHAH! I can't wait to see your Anthro tree! I wish I had an Anthro tree! Ours is small and kind of funny... I do the same thing when John is gone a lot like right now... or I talk to him at inappropriate moments... if you know what I mean.. and uh i'd come help you but I live pretty far from you! Good luck! Oh and I haven't been to the gym in forever too...

Jeni said...

I love this post! And I love that you call me to help with your homework! Even though sometimes I fail you. (today)
Also, I haven't been working out either. It's so hard to do it when it's cold outside.

Heather said...

Mari! you are so cute! I am so glad I found you on blogger. It's been forever. Sounds like you are doing GREAT!

Spiker said...

Don't get a puppy they are like so messy! And they like chew your stuff and like poop on your carpet... they will like destroy your new Anthro rugs and quilts. I'm just like sayin'.

Amy said...

Mari - this post made me miss you. Yes, your sarcasm totally comes through in your typing and you are seriously hilarious. LOVE your blog :) :).
P.S. I wanted the baby, got the puppy, then the craft room, and decided that the baby was WAYYYY overrated and I didn't want one anymore ;). P.P.S. the puppy really WILL pee all over the place. Totally true.