Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Thanksgiving came & went already? Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot I'm 25 now and I should expect the rest of my life to flash before my eyes. Got it.

Highlights (& some lowlights) of the trip back home:
We were able to meet our newest niece Lucy, who is truly adorable!
Chris missed two flights, was stranded in Vegas for 5 hours
Harry Potter
Amazing Thanksgiving Feast with *almost* my entire family (we missed you J & J!!!)
Authentic Texan Fried Turkey!
Chris went to the Laker Game w/ the Spiker men
Arriving in Long Beach with our car in the OC due to Chris' mega-flight-mishap

Betcha can't guess which ones are lowlights! (I'm aware of my total misuse of that word btw) Anyway, the trip was wonderful and went by WAY too fast, as usual. I always have a list of people I am dying to see and usually barely skim the top of it!! Ah, what can ya do?  

It was a WONDERFUL TRIP!!! Even if it was next to Zero degrees the entire time!! I love going home and since I get to only 2-3 times per year it always flies by! Boo!

watching football.. Meeting Lucy!
 Lauren and her youngest, Lily
 Uncle Ammon flew in 2 days early to babysit Lauren's kids while she & Patrick were in Hawaii. Lily formed a very special bond with him!!
 Cooking with my little chef-to-be niece Kailah
 My oldest brother Cim & his beautiful wife Katie

 Patrick's friend, Dustin, from Texas came up for the holiday, he made us an authentic Texan turkey...fried and everything!!

 Lauren and her best friend, Lori

 I love these crazy kids
 Crystal and her youngest, Hailey!

 PJ & Rena...look how big Alex is getting!
 We went to a place called Jump On It....basically a huge place full of a million trampolines...the kids & adults had a blast. The adults got a little crazy...Ammon, Patrick, and Chris all twisted their ankles!

 This picture makes me so happy! Look how hilarious they are!

I wanted to save these for last, because as unflattering as most of them are, they are hilarious. Ammon decided that taking several shots in a row would be the sure way to get at least one great picture of my sisters and I. (blame it on his photo shoot experience lol). These pics pretty much describe the typical interaction between the 3 of us.

Happy Holidays!


Audrey {Crisp} said...

so fun! It always goes too fast! And yes it was freezing there except I guess they got a huge snowstorm the day after we left. hahaha.. you're fam is so cute!

The Morris story said...

Cute post! I think that's the coldest it's been all year. That must have been a huge shocker for you. Can I just say that your hair is so beautiful?

Spiker said...

Love those last pics of you and your seesters. Too cute!

Erin and Spencer said...

This IS a cute post!! I can't believe how many nieces and nephews you have... and I LOVE the pictures with your sisters at the end, so fun!

Cara Grenny said...

So fun you got to go home! And I cannot believe how big Kailah is, she is so cute!

lauren said...

we are kind of retarded.... lol!