Friday, May 17, 2013

...and a Baby Carriage

He finally arrived. Our sweet little miracle baby is here!

On Easter Sunday at around 3pm my water broke! It wasn't the big dramatic gush one would expect after seeing so many super-realistic labor & deliveries in movies. It all started with a trickle. Not big, but definitely noticeable.

I honestly thought I peed my pants.

After 45min of continuous & random trickles of fluid mama called the doctor & the doctor said?
Go to the hospital!!

No contractions had started so all I could do was GRIN from ear to ear & get extremely excited. My mom was sitting on our sofa watching me in amazement, commenting on my enthusiasm and excitement (with a look saying "any minute now she is going to be in pain....any minute). Chris, however, got quiet. Nervous Nelly that one! I sent him to take a "Quick 5min shower because it could be a long night!" He obeyed & we loaded up. Mom waited at the house until I was officially admitted & we could confirm that I wasn't just losing all control of my bladder.

Admitted. Amniotic Fluid (not urine!) confirmed. It's BABY TIME!!

After several hours of NO contractions it was time to get the party started. In my birth plan I had originally wanted to skip the Pitocin... but alas, when you're water breaks & labor doesn't start you have no choice. So, the IV commenced. I had heard that labor with Pitocin is much more intense than natural labor. It makes contractions stronger & everything just a lot MORE. So I was gearing up for that... after a couple of hours NO pain. I began labor around 7:30pm, and by that I mean once the Pitocin is in you are then considered "in labor". I was dilated at a 1. Contractions had started but I was standing up and dancing around as I wheeled my drugs with me. Two things I knew: 1-It wouldn't be this fun for the entire time so I may as well enjoy it while I can 2-Once that epidural comes I wont be able to stand up, so stretch them legs out while I can! The nurse kept coming in & commenting on my high spirits and upping my dosage of Pitocin. After several visits, she told me she would have to start doubling it because I wasn't progressing. Grrrreat. So, instead of 1 click she would do 2-3. Suddenly I couldn't talk thru contractions, then I couldn't stand thru them, and then the pain. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. The intense contractions began around 12:30am and the nurse checked me & I was only at a 2.5. She offered me pain meds that are administered through the IV that will "take the edge off" until I am ready for my epidural. CRAZY me had set a goal for myself to get to a 4 before getting my epidural because I didn't want my labor to be dragged out & I knew that the epidural slowed things down. So, IV meds were requested. The nurse instructed me it would probably take me 2hrs to get to a 4, but that the meds should help me get through the 2hrs.

HA! They did NOT take the edge off. It was like taking 2 Tylenol. Not exactly effective pain relief for labor.

So, after feeling like an utter failure & complete pansy I was frantically clicking the nurse call button a mere 45minutes after the IV meds were given. I didn't care if I was still at a 2.5, give me that epidural!! I was so certain I hadn't made it to my goal of a 4 because she told me it would take about 2 hrs. I realize that is completely ridiculous to be disappointed that I couldn't be tough enough, hello modern medicine is here for a reason. But to my lovely surprise, I wasn't at a 2.5, 3, or even a 4...I was at a 6!! In 45min I jumped from being dilated at 2.5 to a 6!

You know what I was thinking? "I am awesome, but does that mean I could have gotten my epidural 25minutes ago!?"

Epidurals are truly the best inventions. The relief and drowsiness were sheer bliss! ha. As an insomniac, I feel like I should have one of those every night! ;) My mother was sent home by the nurse once my epidural was given being told that it would definitely slow down now. Reluctantly, she went home but she was nervous I would go quickly because she did with all of her kids. We turned out the lights and got cozy. Another 45minutes passed & my IV bag ran out of fluid so my nurse came into change it. "Hey, I know it's only been 45min but I'm feeling some odd pressure. Not sure what that's about".... She didn't believe me. She checked me & guess who was at a 10! Yes siree! And she had me do a small push to see if I was even ready to push & boy was I ever. She got the doctor who confirmed I was ready to go! My mom was rushing back & Chris was positioned at the head of my bed. LET'S MEET THIS BOY!! After the first push Chris turned green. After the second push Chris turned white. At which point I told him to shape up or ship out! (ok I really told him he was distracting me & that I was trying to have a baby and couldn't be worried about him passing out in the corner). So he went and sat on the couch (as the doctor and nurse both laughed).

5 pushes in about 7 minutes & BABY was HERE! My mom walked in RIGHT as he was about to crown, Chris waved her over to me from his perch in the far corner of the room on the couch. She ran over, held my hand & out came the baby!

Chris was a rockstar dad from that moment on. He stayed with our little guy & I was being put back together (haha). Labor was under 8hrs & it was hard, but I can honestly say I would do it again in a heartbeat. You know why? Because of that feeling I had when they set my son on my chest for the first time.

My heart burst.

I wish I could put into words how absolutely overcome with love I was at that very moment. Thousands of prayers, dollars, and tears all building up to this moment. He was perfect in every way.

Recovery & all of that was challenging. But all very worth it. The past 6weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions.  Sleep deprived, bad reflux, and figuring out how this whole parenthood thing works has been a challenge. But that child, oh that little boy, he brings us more happiness than either of us thought possible. We love him more with each passing day & I know that we love each other more now since his birth than we did before. (I know that's a tad bit corny, but it's the simple truth people, and sometimes that has to be shared) I can't believe it has already come & gone & that my boy is already 6weeks old. I am so grateful he is healthy, that I had a good experience with labor, and that Chris was able to take time & be home with us for the first month. Life is one hell of a ride.


William Christopher Spiker was born at 3:18am on April 1, 2013
Weighing in at 8lbs 7oz & 20" long
Light Brown Hair & Blue Eyes

 Happy Birthday William, welcome to our little family.