Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation Celebration

To celebrate Chris' graduation I decorated the apartment with streamers & balloons! I surprised Chris with $1,000 in gift cards to Best Buy so he could buy himself a new tv! (I didn't dare pick one out for him) I have been saving money for a while now without him knowing, hoping he would be shocked...and he was! I also wanted to celebrate this huge accomplishment and show Chris how proud I am! So....I planned a little weekend getaway to Vegas! We invited two of Chris' close friends from BYU-Danny (and his wife) & Mark. [we are sad not everyone we invited was able to join us tho!] They are some of the funniest people I know, my stomach literally hurt from cracking up constantly! We had a great weekend relaxing by the pool, playing games, seeing movies, going to the strip, shopping, and eating fabulous food! I certainly hope Chris feels spoiled & loved!

my cheesy decorations!

these were holding the balloons down, i tied the gift cards to the back

from left: Mark, Danny, Chris

Traci & I

This was the yummiest chocolate shake from BLT in the Mirage! The straws were huge!

The final Hurrah! to our trip was seeing the LOVE show. It was awesome! It made me think of my parents singing the Beatles, I bet they would love it. I hope to take them to see it!
Thanks to everyone who has supported & been there for us over the past 3 years! Just 3 more months!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's HERE!
Today is the Day of the rest of our life!
Today is the day we have been waiting for,
the day we have been talking about, dreaming about.

There are few moments in life where it is appropriate to brag. To boast. To shout out "I rock!". Today I am going to say is one of those days where its okay. I, however, am not doing this for me, but for Chris. [although it's no secret how excited I have been for this day!]

Chris rocks. Chris is brilliant. & He graduated from USC today. [technically he graduated from University of Southern California Gould School of Law with his J.D.] I have always been so proud to be his wife, and today I am even MORE PROUD! He has worked so hard to get where he is & has done awesome! Graduating near the top of his class, his hard work & brains have paid off.

Over the past three years, going through our first years of marriage & tackling law school I have to say, Chris surpassed all my expectations. I was certain it wouldn't be "that hard" when we first got married. I was so wrong! We both quickly learned that the time it required was much more than anticipated. I thought either his grades would suffer or we would. The heavy work load & stress of an emotional wife [don't get me started on what a wreck I was our first year in] did not make his life any easier. He may not have done everything he wanted or to the level he could have, but he did it! Watching him work that hard for our future & for his success only made me feel luckier that he picked me.

Congratulations Chris on graduating from one of the top law schools in the country, for being top of your class, and for landing an awesome job! You deserve it!

Looking to the future:
Chris has a brutal summer ahead. Preparing for the bar exam will be very intense. I know he will score amazingly, because well..he always does! After the bar at the end of July Chris has zero plans...and loves it! [although he will probably be trying to chip away at our massive school loan debt...gotta love USC tuition]
*oh, and we're currently accepting donations if anyone's interested ;)

I hope he does as much of this as he can after the bar..

I don't know what I am going to do with myself, I have never known him to be anything but a student! It'll be like living with a stranger! A very ridiculously good looking stranger :)

wohoo chris! i heart you long time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Flings

I love what Spring does to me! I'm suddenly a girl full of motivation & optimism. Looking forward to summer, to a sea of change for our little family, and to more of my favorite things. Currently my list is up to about 100 things! So many things to love right now! Here is a sampling from my current spring favorites....

Grilled Peaches

Ahh, the perfect ending to a bbq. It's warming up, we are totally bbq'n it up! [who am i kidding? It's LA, we can bbq year round]. But Peaches are in season! Time to pull out that fabulous hip-cooks recipe of grilled peaches w/ mascarpone & balsamic! Mmmmm..

Care Packages

This really isn't something new for me. I have always loved to send care packages! Putting them together is my favorite part, and of course surprising the recipient! Recently, I have been having that same itch to send some pretty packages tied up with string!

80s Magic

Oh how I love me the cheesiness of classic 80s. Be it Sixteen Candles or a little "Alone" by Heart on my iPod- this tacky era makes me grin.

my planner

my fabulous planner (I rhinestoned the polka-dots of course!) that I love dearly. my type-a personality loves to make lists & plan ahead & this planner is perfect for me! I recommend it! Click here if you'd like to order yourself a fab-planner as well!

Spring Trends

There are so many spring trends this year I love! [i apologize for any of you not interested in fashion, ill keep it brief!] One of my favorites is statement necklaces. My bff & I have decided it should be my new project- how could it not be? Im so inspired! If it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster, Ill be posting pictures shortly :)


Yoga is something I am beginning to love more & more. I love how I feel when I walk out of the studio after a good hard class.

Sweet Potato Fries

Whether with a little rosemary & sea salt or sprinkled with cinnamon I cannot get enough!

No explination needed:)

Happy Spring!

Friday, May 8, 2009



Chris & I are two lucky people. We have awesome moms! They are sweet, kind, generous, fun, and loving. We both love our moms very much! And I know we both are grateful to have such great mother-in-laws :) We love you both very much, and hope you have an amazing day!
& Mom, I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and tell you I love you in person!

Today I was asked to speak in church on Mothers, and frankly it was the easiest topic in the world....I could have gone on for days & days about all the things mothers do, all the wonderful things about them, and how they have a divine role. I truly am my mothers daughter and am so grateful for that! I just hope I can be half the woman my mother is. I love you mom!

Linda, thanks for always making me laugh, being my friend & making me feel at home. I am so grateful for all you've done for me. I love you!

For Lauren, Crystal, Katie, Jen, and Lorena~ Happy Mothers Day! You guys are amazing mothers and I know you are raising wonderful & sweet children! I am so grateful to have you guys as examples! Watching you makes me want to join the club! (dont worry, some day Chris will warm up to it). I hope you have a wonderful day!

Ashley & Jeni- Young mama & mama to be---you inspire me. You amaze me! I am so happy & excited that you guys will raise (or are raising) pretty babies!

And to all the other mothers out there, our family, our friends-HAPPY MOTHERS DAY GIRLS!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Yorkers & Half Marathon

This past weekend was so eventful! The highlight was that Ammon & Carlo flew out to spend the weekend with us! It was so much fun! Its always so nice to have family come and play! Friday we did lunch, had a great work out at the gym (where Chris & I both stood in amazement at their huge muscles), and had a fabulous dinner at the Spikers! (thanks Linda!) Then the boys were all DYING to see Wolverine, so we went to the late showing of that. Saturday was such a FUN day! We went to breakfast then off to Six Flags to hit up some amazing roller coasters! We had such a blast running around the park, screaming until our throats were sore. After eating garbage & feeling dizzy, we realized we weren't kids anymore & didn't have to stay til the park closed! So, after all the big coasters we went home & all four of us took a nap! Then the four of us went to dinner & spent the rest of the night chatting & hanging out at our apartment. I love my brother Ammon so much! We always have so much fun & laugh til our stomachs ache. I am so happy they came to visit!!Sunday I ran my much anticipated half marathon. I was planning on running on Memorial Day in Laguna Hills--but decided Id rather do it sooner rather than later. I set the goal for 2009 to run this distance, and have been training since mid February. I cannot tell you how hard it got for me towards the end! All I wanted to do was quit! But I didn't quit! I am so proud of myself that I accomplished my goal of running 13.1 miles, and I have to be honest I am really happy I can take a break for a while!! All that running was getting tough! :) I am so wiped out today from all the fun in the sun yesterday & running today I can barely keep my eyes open! I didnt stretch very well afterwards so I am hoping I wont be too sore tomorrow! I better go eat a banana! We had a great weekend and I am so sad its over!