Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's HERE!
Today is the Day of the rest of our life!
Today is the day we have been waiting for,
the day we have been talking about, dreaming about.

There are few moments in life where it is appropriate to brag. To boast. To shout out "I rock!". Today I am going to say is one of those days where its okay. I, however, am not doing this for me, but for Chris. [although it's no secret how excited I have been for this day!]

Chris rocks. Chris is brilliant. & He graduated from USC today. [technically he graduated from University of Southern California Gould School of Law with his J.D.] I have always been so proud to be his wife, and today I am even MORE PROUD! He has worked so hard to get where he is & has done awesome! Graduating near the top of his class, his hard work & brains have paid off.

Over the past three years, going through our first years of marriage & tackling law school I have to say, Chris surpassed all my expectations. I was certain it wouldn't be "that hard" when we first got married. I was so wrong! We both quickly learned that the time it required was much more than anticipated. I thought either his grades would suffer or we would. The heavy work load & stress of an emotional wife [don't get me started on what a wreck I was our first year in] did not make his life any easier. He may not have done everything he wanted or to the level he could have, but he did it! Watching him work that hard for our future & for his success only made me feel luckier that he picked me.

Congratulations Chris on graduating from one of the top law schools in the country, for being top of your class, and for landing an awesome job! You deserve it!

Looking to the future:
Chris has a brutal summer ahead. Preparing for the bar exam will be very intense. I know he will score amazingly, because well..he always does! After the bar at the end of July Chris has zero plans...and loves it! [although he will probably be trying to chip away at our massive school loan debt...gotta love USC tuition]
*oh, and we're currently accepting donations if anyone's interested ;)

I hope he does as much of this as he can after the bar..

I don't know what I am going to do with myself, I have never known him to be anything but a student! It'll be like living with a stranger! A very ridiculously good looking stranger :)

wohoo chris! i heart you long time.


JoeyandAshleyHoward said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you both! Great job Chris!!! Love you guys!

Lauren said...

Wow congrats to you and your husband that is really exciting!!

Dominique said...

Congratulations to you both! What an accomplishment. All the best to all future plans! Yippee to you guys!!!

The Alvords said...

You guys are amazing. I am so happy that your journey has finally come to an end. You both deserve to do absolutely nothing for as long as you want. I'm proud of you Chris for all of your hard work, and you Mari for your willingness to go through the past 3 years. Unfortunately for us, our grad school journey is probably starting in the fall. Blah.

Em Ybarra said...

CONGRATS!!! i'm so excited for the both of you! and good luck on the bar!

the organic kitchen said...

What a smart, talented boy i made... with a little help form the spousal dna of course! Congrats to you both!

Amanda and Ry said...

Oh I'm so excited for you guys!!Congratulations! What a relief..

manhattan crew said...

I wanna be like chris when i grow up!!!!!
So happy for you guys.

come to NYC!!!!!!!!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Congrats. That's a pretty dang big accomplishment. Good luck on the bar.

Keef and Brit said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congrats to Chris! I am seriously so excited for you guys. way to go Chris, and way to go mare for supporting his butt for 3 years. haha. I heart you.

jaybay said...

YAY! That is so wonderful! Finally you can spend some time together and get working on those babies!!!:)

Alyssa Elledge said...

HUGE congrats for Chris! And Mari too! You guys deserve the best! Can't wait to see what happens next in the Spiker family! So exciting :)

Alison said...

Congratulations!! So exciting to move on to the next phase in life!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Great job Chris! Well done. May we suggest that you use the time off to come visit beautiful San Diego? Dinner would be on us but for the fact that we're on the other side of the law school hurdle you two so happily just finished ;) But we are very happy for you and look forward to you moving down here closer to us. Good luck on the bar, you'll do fine.