Friday, May 8, 2009



Chris & I are two lucky people. We have awesome moms! They are sweet, kind, generous, fun, and loving. We both love our moms very much! And I know we both are grateful to have such great mother-in-laws :) We love you both very much, and hope you have an amazing day!
& Mom, I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and tell you I love you in person!

Today I was asked to speak in church on Mothers, and frankly it was the easiest topic in the world....I could have gone on for days & days about all the things mothers do, all the wonderful things about them, and how they have a divine role. I truly am my mothers daughter and am so grateful for that! I just hope I can be half the woman my mother is. I love you mom!

Linda, thanks for always making me laugh, being my friend & making me feel at home. I am so grateful for all you've done for me. I love you!

For Lauren, Crystal, Katie, Jen, and Lorena~ Happy Mothers Day! You guys are amazing mothers and I know you are raising wonderful & sweet children! I am so grateful to have you guys as examples! Watching you makes me want to join the club! (dont worry, some day Chris will warm up to it). I hope you have a wonderful day!

Ashley & Jeni- Young mama & mama to be---you inspire me. You amaze me! I am so happy & excited that you guys will raise (or are raising) pretty babies!

And to all the other mothers out there, our family, our friends-HAPPY MOTHERS DAY GIRLS!!


US said...

You are the cutest! When you become a mama, you will be amazing! You are so sweet and tender and I can't wait to see those little nuggets runnin around! BTW, I have that dream all the time.

The Alvords said...

You are so sweet and I can't wait for our turns to me mamas together. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms we know!

Adam & Samantha said...

what a cute post. it is so nice to be close to our mom's and lean on them for everything. i cant wait to have mama bonds with my kids. cute post, happy mother's day!

Dominique said...

Awesome talk today Mari! The way you talked about your own mom was really touching, even though I don't know her I got a sense of her. Thanks for your wonderful words and the effort you put into your talk this morning.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

It's a darn shame that we just happened to miss Sacrament meeting this morning. I'm sure it was amazing.

Spiker said...

Thanks! I had a nice mothers day! And thanks for the gift too!

Chalonn said...

What a sweet post! You are already an amazing woman and mother to many!! We all love you Mary and can't wait for that little SPIKER!!!

Jeni said...

Belated thanks! I just got home and haven't had a chance to read this until now. You'll be the greatest mommy ever. I can't even wait for you!