Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Flings

I love what Spring does to me! I'm suddenly a girl full of motivation & optimism. Looking forward to summer, to a sea of change for our little family, and to more of my favorite things. Currently my list is up to about 100 things! So many things to love right now! Here is a sampling from my current spring favorites....

Grilled Peaches

Ahh, the perfect ending to a bbq. It's warming up, we are totally bbq'n it up! [who am i kidding? It's LA, we can bbq year round]. But Peaches are in season! Time to pull out that fabulous hip-cooks recipe of grilled peaches w/ mascarpone & balsamic! Mmmmm..

Care Packages

This really isn't something new for me. I have always loved to send care packages! Putting them together is my favorite part, and of course surprising the recipient! Recently, I have been having that same itch to send some pretty packages tied up with string!

80s Magic

Oh how I love me the cheesiness of classic 80s. Be it Sixteen Candles or a little "Alone" by Heart on my iPod- this tacky era makes me grin.

my planner

my fabulous planner (I rhinestoned the polka-dots of course!) that I love dearly. my type-a personality loves to make lists & plan ahead & this planner is perfect for me! I recommend it! Click here if you'd like to order yourself a fab-planner as well!

Spring Trends

There are so many spring trends this year I love! [i apologize for any of you not interested in fashion, ill keep it brief!] One of my favorites is statement necklaces. My bff & I have decided it should be my new project- how could it not be? Im so inspired! If it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster, Ill be posting pictures shortly :)


Yoga is something I am beginning to love more & more. I love how I feel when I walk out of the studio after a good hard class.

Sweet Potato Fries

Whether with a little rosemary & sea salt or sprinkled with cinnamon I cannot get enough!

No explination needed:)

Happy Spring!


The Alvords said...

I agree with everything you posted. Those are all some of my very favorite things. You have good taste my darling.

US said...

I love Peonies too! I wish I could have fresh flowers every day!

lori and clark remington said...

Peonies are my favorite flower also! There are so many things I am finding we love that are alike! I love your whole list of things! Love looking at your blog too! It's so fun! Can't wait to see you again. I am taking a cooking class in June...hope to see you there!

The Tolmans said...


Keef and Brit said...

80's, yoga, necklaces... I knew we got along so well for a reason! I LOVE them all!

Adam & Samantha said...

i love all of those things! except, i have never had grilled peaches. but spring is amazing and I am always so much happier when I know summer is around the corner and possibilities are endless. love the post!

the organic kitchen said...

I was just thinking about grilled peaches today... great minds thin alike!

manhattan crew said...


gimme gimme gimme
(can you tell I have been on a fry-free diet for a while now?)
dont mind me, Im starving!
Good post Mares. I love spring as well


Brittany and Johnse said...

I LOVE all that you posted! Peonies make me smile just thinking about them...and the way I love sweet potatoe fries...hmmm i feel like i am cheating on my husband ;)

Amanda and Ry said...

Oh how I love Spring! And thanks for the planner idea! Oh my gosh, a planner is the solution to my forgetfulness! Thank you!