Sunday, October 27, 2013


Week three in the big apple complete! We have fully adjusted & are feeling like we fit right into this big city life! Chris has been working insane hours (try 8am-3am!) so William and I have been doing a lot on our own & spending a few hours everyday with my brother Ammon.
This week was also full of a lot of 1st's for Will! It is sort of sad it has taken us until our third week here to have done these things too....First Subway Ride! And First Cab Ride! Now that we have done them, we do them every single day and are getting to be pro's! 

We did two really fun things this week also. The Little Hip Squeaks, Little Piccolini, & Freshly Picked Moccasins had a pop-up-shop in SoHo that we went to. Will was a hit (see pics!) and we loved meeting these amazingly talented women. (check out their websites for the coolest kids clothes ever). We also went to the Martha Stewart American Made event held at Grand Central Station. William also had a wellness check-up, but that doesn't count as a highlight cuz nobody likes the doctor!

We finished off the week with a perfect picnic in the park (sans Chris, of course :( ) and the leaves were just PERFECT. Seriously, I felt like my entire trip could have ended there...I love fall so much! The weather got crispy the start of week on that week soon!
Even tho we don't see Chris, Will isn't sleeping as well as he was at home, etc. we are trying to see as much as we can, do as much as we can, and stay positive. After all, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Living in the city short-term! So fun!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


To sum up week two of our NYC adventure I can simply say this: Stroller, food, sweaters, cocoa, Central Park, walking blocks & blocks, more food, a few short naps (blah), almost no time with daddy (boo), and finally seeing uncle Ammon. 
The city is a blast, really. And we are finally adjusting to hotel life. It certainly has it's perks. Also, everyone here is a fan of Will. The maids, doormen, receptionists, etc all know his name, hug him, and love on him. He is pretty happy about it. So am I, because most days that's the only adult interaction I get. Ha! (sad...)
Sure am missing my man tho, trial just started today and his life is going to be even crazier. I feel like sometimes it's not a good thing to be so smart, because then people want your help with everything. So, if he wasn't so smart he would probably have more of a life. Ha! (...says the wife who dropped out of college..)

Highlight of the city this week for me was the weather cooling down to a lovely (and I really do mean lovely) crisp fall air. Oh, and the fact that I'm starting to really get to know my way around. Yes! 

Also, I went to church on Sunday! Solo (of course) and Will was not into it (granted it was nearing nap time..). I kept hoping I would meet some mommy friends "Hey, I'm a nice girl! I am semi-cool and pretty friendly! Let's hang out!" didn't really pan out that way. WHAT!?! I know, I was shocked too. I left church without making a single friend, and so my life without girlfriends in the city continues. (wah wah boo boo) However, I am hanging out with a lot of men, so that's cool I guess. Single Wife Life, baby! (...ok, so they are my brother, his friends, a former co-worker, and a childhood friend..not quite as scandalous as you probably were hoping). Also I should note I didn't actually talk to anyone cuz Will was being a pill hahaha. So, it's not like I even met anyone. :)

Okay, time for the photos!

 Will doesn't nap in the stroller (wouldn't that be nice!!) and gets pretty over it after hours a day...

 We are pretty lucky to go to Central Park every single day.

 My big brother Ammon lives here in Manhattan, but travels quite a bit for work. He was able to spend an afternoon with us last week and it was SO nice to see him!

 William is a seriously cool dude. I am pretty sure he is going to keep me current my entire life, doesn't he just seem so in the know?
New York, you're a fun place to be. Super happy we have been able to explore and have this chance to be here during THE best month of the year. 

Week Two, check!