Sunday, January 16, 2011

Worst Blogger...Ever?

Hi, my name is Mari. I'm married to a wonderful man, his name is Chris. 
Have we met?
Oh that's right,  I have this blog, I am supposed to use it as a know, because keeping a journal is good. (I really wanted to type journaling right there, btw) Keeping a journal is great for so many reasons. We keep a blog because it's easier than whipping out a pen and paper, also because pictures are cool.
So this journal blog it's mostly for're (our friends and family) just icing on the cake.
So, why am I such a slacker? 
"Only the shadow-man knows" (that's what Chris would say, betcha ten bucks)
It's 2011, January in fact, seems to me like a great time to re-commit and repent.

So here it quick, condensed, catch-up-to-date post. 

I sky dived, it was awesome and equally terrifying.  One of the best experiences of my life. We went for Ash's bday, and let me tell was a MEMORABLE experience. The entire time you're asking yourself why in the world you are doing this...and then after you think...oh my gosh, that was awesome, but also very very scary. haha.
 Christmas came & went. We spent this lovely holiday season with the Spiker side. Christmas Eve was filled with Spiker fun at Grandma Rita's. Christmas Day was spent with Peterson fun, we made cookies and everyone gushed over sweet Lucy.
 Apparently living at the beach doesn't mean you shouldn't travel away to a different beach. Which is what we did. Dec 26th came and we were off to the sunshine in Cancun, Mexico. We spent one lovely week there. Chris didn't work (gasp!) and it was relaxing and fun. Chris' parents and Luke were there, and we missed the rest of the bunch :( Luke was hilarious the entire time. Linda & Steve were as sweet and fun as always. Chris and I actually got to hang out. Amazing. It went by far too quickly, we had a ton of fun, and ate way too much food. Do I even need to say that packing up was difficult? We didn't ever want to leave! We celebrated the New Year and came home the 2nd of January to a very rainy CA.  It was a perfect setting for our "back to work & back to reality", boo!


The Alvords said...

Welcome back! I love seeing your Mexico pictures. They make me happy. I'm so glad you guys were able to go and be together. Love you!

Amy said...

Cancun looks AMAZING. Beautiful photos! And, that skydiving photo had me laughing out loud. I would have peed my pants on the way down, can't believe you did that! So gutsy!

Audrey Crisp said...

Glad you had good holidays! You look Sindhis in that beach pic!

Cara Grenny said...

I want to skydive sooo badly! You are brave!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Mari!! You went skydiving?! You are the coolest and bravest person EVER! Oh my goodness, you are my hero! And your trip looks like it was AMAZING... and we need to play!

Spiker said...

No i am the worst blogger ever! No posts since Thanksgiving.

Adam & Samantha said...

skydiving, christmas, and cancun? looks like you had a great ending to 2010!