Monday, November 15, 2010

Come to the Market!

I've been busier than ever lately. Work, School, and working on Mari Elizabeth Couture & Autumn Dame. I'm happy to be busy and grateful to have hobbies that bring me so much satisfaction! I've been working extra hard lately to prepare for some fantastic boutiques that I sell at every year. I adore these boutiques. They sell the absolute cutest things and I feel flattered to be apart of them. If you're in UT this weekend be sure to stop by the Bijou Market! If you're in UT the weekend after Thanksgiving, Dec 2nd-4th be sure to stop by the Beehive Bazaar! 
I always find great Christmas gifts (as well as something for myself if I'm being honest) at these events.

I'll be selling autumn dame clothing & some fun accessories! 
I have hand knitted chunky infiniti-scarves, big loop infiniti-scarves, 
and some cute holiday packaging ties (so adorable! I want to keep them all for my wrapping needs!)

Come! Support! You won't regret it!

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