Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Spike..

Chris is such a funny guy. If anyone of you haven't met him yet, you should! He seriously is one-of-a-kind! I just wanted to share a few reasons why Chris is so awesome & unique.

-He drives a Prius, but doesn't believe in Global Warming (when asked he says "that doesn't even make sense, if its 'warming' then why is everything so cold?!" -because I had said "its colder in CA this year than ever, its probably due to global warming"LOL he is a hard sell)
-He hates 95% of my tv show choices, (Gossip Girl, Extreme Home MakeOver, Grey's, Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Idol..etc etc. etc) YET he knows everyone in the show BY NAME & actually gets so into it he gets UPSET & tries to tell me why the show doesn't make sense. It's absolutely hilarious & a little.... obnioxious (I mean who wants constant commentary? I have to pause it probably 5 times so he can finish his ranting)
-He is so smart, brilliant in fact. Occationally it makes him a titch nerdy, but its cute. Not many people are as smart as this boy.
-He honks at old ladies jogging/walking...Not a 'Get out of the way!', more like a honk followed by a "ya baby!" or a "wooohooo!"..When I asked him why he hits on older women He says "What?!They like the encouragement!"LOL!!
-He makes me lunch EVERY sunday, Im not talking bagels people, Im talking PASTA etc I know...AWESOME.
-He turns EVERYTHING into a song
-He says "Sometimes I get tired of Social Skills"
-When planning our first Sunday School lesson for our new teenage class Chris decided a South Park clip would be a perfect opener! Lol!Genius I tell you!
-He can throw tennis balls with his extremely long & freakish toes
-His knees hyper extend when he is standing, happens all the time, its totally normal for him
-He can be so BLUNT its scary, you see...Chris RARELY gets he thinks everyone is the same way. WRONG. When someone asks his opinion, you better be ready for the COLD HARD TRUTH...he doesn't sugar coat AT ALL. Lauren, finds it hilarious. Some people who aren't used to Chris sit silently & dont respond! LOL! Its always best NOT to get offended by him, because he isn't trying to offend, he is just being Chris!
-He stands about 12inches away from our tv when he is watching the last 5min of the 4th quarter of ALL Laker games, and he jumps & yells & even paces...
-He refers to himself as a "Actor, Writer, Dancer, Singer, Choreographer" & demonstrates these skills daily

Oh the list can go on & on & on. He is just so freaking funny & cracks me up constantly!


Jeni said...

Ha ha, I loved it! My favorite was the part about tv shows. Isaac is the same way! He remembers the stories better than I do too but he "hates" watching them. Husbands... Thanks for helping me get to know Chris a little better. :)

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

haha, I know right? So funny. Well I figured since friends/family like you can't see us regularly, this would be fun! I seriously wish I lived by you & we could all hang out often. Maybe your baby would rub off on Chris anyway & he would be less afraid! haha

The Alvords said...

He totally does pace at the end of Laker games! He always has. Chris is a funny, quirky boy and We love him for it.

lauren said...

OH MY!! This was so funny! AND I do totally find your nerdy husband hilarious! Arguing about pointless crap is my favorite Spike activity. I hope you have 3 kids JUST like him.(Thats right Chris, I said 3- hey if i have 3, you can too!!) LOL!

DJ and Candra Probert said...

Chris does sound like a real gem. I met him once for like 10 were both madly in love. I love that he encourages oldie goldies. I bet they feel so sexy after their jogs around the they still got it.

And FIRST PRIZE goes to the Christmas morning picture of the two of you. It's my favorite.

Spiker said...

Yes I raised a funny, smart, nerdy, southpark (not my fault) loving boy. I am glad you like him!

Spiker said...

Oh and that was Chris honking at me when I was jogging??? I was so excited for a minute...