Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fa la lah lahhh!

Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve began at Aunt Roxann's house- the Spiker extended family all gathered together (we missed you R Spikers!) to celebrate. We ate & had a gift exchange which was absolutely hilarious! Chris & I put in a headband basket which was the first basket to go! We made out with gift cards to Pink Berry & Outback! We were pretty excited. After the gift exchange Aunt Cynthia passed out the most precious gift to each of us. A memory book of Trevor, Roxann's son who passed away 2 years ago from cancer at age 14. We were all able to email thoughts to be included into the book. It brought tears & laughs as everyone read through the book. Cynthia was so sweet to remind us of him.

After the festivities we all went back to Chris' parents & watched Christmas Vacation!

Sam, Lindsay, Cynthia, Ashley, McKenna
Me & my homies: Luke, Mari, Patrick
After Trevor's book. Cynthia & her 3 daughters: Mckenna, Cynthia, Maddy, Sam
He loves his mama: Linda & Chris
Mari, Courtney, & Lindsay
(lindsay wearing one of my headbands! She is so supportive)
Sam & Steve
Chris & Mari
Chris & Grandma Rita have a special bond, he loves sitting & talking with her

Christmas Morning!

Court & I
Court & Linds wearing the Oh So Fabulous headwear I gave them
Aren't we such pretty non-make up early morning people??
Josh's back, Linds, Me, Linda, & Court
Um, yes- we know.
Good Morning Lindsay!
Chris & his papa
Steve & I share a love for slippers

Christmas Day!
Mari & Chris
Grandma Judy & I
She has been teaching me how to sew over the past few months, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her better! She is so much fun & more hip than a 16yr old!
The Lakers were playing...need I say more?
Our good friend Kevin TenEyck came over because his wonderful wife Lindsay was working at the hospital! He is a good family friend & we were so glad to have him!
Chris, Josh, Pat, & Kevin

I am so lucky to have this woman as a mother in law! She is always so thoughtful & fun. And since I have been away from my own mama she has been helping me learn to cook! She is not just a mother in law, I totally consider this Hot Cougar a friend.
Linda & I
The evolution of taking a picture of Chris.....

Cookie Time!

Mari & CourtChris making every picture unique as usual. And his twin & partner in crime Lindsay, who has flour boob!

Taking beautiful pictures with my husband as usualThe cookie gang!
Chris-not caring one bit about the picture,Bob (Grandma's boyfriend), Court & Josh, Grandma Judy-bo-booty, Lindsay, Mari, & Cute Luke.
Please note Chris' face..Making Lady Fingers!
Intermission while the cookies baked..
Christmas Kisses!

The finished product! I am mostly afraid of the darkish Christmas tree to the left and Chris' huge tree with the gobs of frosting and nasty looking star..
We also had a cookie contest! Which tree is the best!?That night we watched Home Alone (hilarious!! such a classic) and made amazing hot chocolate (Courtney gave me the most amazing Hot Choc for Christmas- Max Brennar's all the way from NY!)
The next day the girls drove down to meet Aunt Pam(Linda's sister) and her daughter Taylor. It was so nice to sit & catch up with them! Chris & I look forward to seeing them more often when we move down south next fall.
Pam, Judy, Linda, Lindsay, Courtney, Taylor, Mari
We had a very Merry Christmas & hope you did too!!


lauren said...

1- love chris's glasses 2- Lindsay looks SO great in her M.E.C. headbands! I am happy she is so supportive! 3- It looks like you had an amazing holiday! A Merry Christmas- Spiker Style! I am so glad you have such amazing in-laws, it is truly a blessing.

the organic kitchen said...

Okay email me the pix! I need to update again! I love the kissing pix and Lindsay in her robe. What a fun Christmas!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I will email you right away, and Court too! It was a great Christmas, we loved it!

Adam & Samantha said...

looks like you guys had a great christmas! im glad you all got to be together!

Lexi said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! Merry Christmas!

Lexi said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! Merry Christmas!

Spiker said...

I am so surprised everyone wants to kiss you because you are always threatening to stab people.

Em Ybarra said...

looks like Christmas was a blast for you! so much fun! by the way, i love your headbands! :)

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I am not surprised, I am irresistible afterall..and besides, they told me it made it more exciting, they never knew if or when I was gonna pull out my knife!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

oh thanks em!! Christmas was fun! & btw that previous comment was for Linda ;)

David&Deena said...

It was fun to see you on our blog. So I wanted to comment on yours. Love your headbands and what a great Christmas it seems you had! Two great are are we to be a part of that Christensen bunch. Love D&D