Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Talk

Yesterday I was finally able to meet this little lady, here are a few photos, as promised :)

Little Miss Reese is, from what I could tell, an angel. She is such a good baby. Ashley told me that she hardly cries & is just so sweet. After my visit yesterday, I totally agree. She is so tiny (but a big baby, especially for tiny Ash) and I loved holding her little body! Ashley is doing great, she looked GORGEOUS! I was going to take a pic with her too, but she was just too worn out. Just know she didn't even look like she had just gone through 12 hours of labor- she looked beautiful.

Look at her cute little lips! I want to hold her again!

I stood & rocked Reese while Ash told me about her labor. I have SO MUCH RESPECT for mothers! I mean, come on. I have heard many, many labor stories (I have 15 nieces & nephews, plus friends who have babies)--but I never get tired of hearing them. Ashley's was different from the others & I was in awe while she was telling me. The best part was, she broke it down to me with all the facts--hid nothing. Which I appreciate! There are so many things people don't tell you about it, I learn new things all the time that shock me, and often times scare me! :)
Ash you are seriously amazing! I expect you to come & help me when I have mine! I can't wait to spend more time with you & Reese, and of course BABYSIT!

yes, you heard me when I have mine! No I am not pregnant...but will be someday. But I'll answer the question I know you are thinking....YES, this TOTALLY made me want to have a baby even more!

congrats ashy & j. i love your little girl already!


Hailey and Courtney said...

I am so in love and can't wait to meet the little peanut. She is gorgeous. I can't stop looking at pictures of her. I'm so glad you got to go see her!

Dominique said...

Beautiful baby, but come on Mari, I totally thought there was an announcement buried in that post! So happy for your friend, babies are such blessings. You look very comfortable holding that baby in a hospital bed. ;)

Spiker said...

She is a darling girl... and I recommend NOT listening to labor stories! everyones is different and listening to too much can scare you... needlessly I might add. Your mom did it 7 times, I did it 6 times, we lived. No worries!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Wow, an official declaration, in capital letters, of your intent to have a little guy. Hope Chris is on board. ;) And if you read this Ashley, you're baby is gorgeous.

lauren said...

you heard her chris.... It's Time to bring me another niece or nephew to spoil!!!!!!! :)

Adam & Samantha said...

SOOOOO precious! Ashley is a mom! And yes, Chris finished law school, so now it is your turn!

Brittany and Johnse said...

she is darling!!!!
My cousin invited me to be there when she had her second son...while I was terrified and excited all at the same time - I am SO glad I was able to see everything first hand so ONE day I won't be completely naive and know what to expect (a little) LOL!

JoeyandAshleyHoward said...

I love you and can't wait till you and Chris haave one of your own.