Sunday, November 30, 2008

I was able to cook with my mom all day, probably one of my favorite memories with her so far!
Thanksgiving 2008 was a hit! Josh, Jen, Jacob, Kaylee & Landon- YOU WERE MISSED! Don't think we didn't notice you weren't there...we got some GREAT video JUST for you guys! We love you & can't wait to see you at Reunion 2009!
This year was so fun! We ran a race, we ate A LOT of food & we got to hang out! Courtney picked me up from the airport & I was able to hang out with her & Josh for a couple of hours, and see Josh's cute mom & sister (briefly)- but it was so good to see them! I arrived at my mom's just to open the door to her wonderful orange-cinnamon smelling house! Ahh, the HOLIDAYS AT MOM'S! I got to see some of my favorite friends! Jessica & Lynlee. As well as my BFF Britney- who basically is an honorary Carver. Jeni & Olivia also came over, and can I tell you how CUTE Olivia is?! Oh my... Anyway, the week was so busy I didn't get a chance to see many other people-but I am grateful for the ones I did see! The week was full of crazy carver game nights, eating LOTS of food (my mom is always making something), movies & playing Wii & SO MUCH MORE! Chris arrived mid-week & everyone was so excited! I love how my family has welcomed my husband in every way they can! Oh & It was so great- I finally got to meet Lauren'ts baby-Lily! She is the most well behaved, cutest, always smiling, AH I love her!! I already miss her. I also got to see all my ADORABLE neices & nephews! I miss them! Hanging out with my siblings is probably my #1 favorite thing to do. They are all so much fun! My cute parents are awesome, they make coming home so much fun & they try to do all the things we "miss". Anyway, I could go on & on...but let's just say it was a great trip & I only wish I could have had MORE!!

Let me warn you, the pictures are out of order! Some aren't that flattering but I wanted to include a bunch!



Patrick is such a cute dad
Lauren & Chris are buddies

Granpa hanging out with the kids
Ammon & Lily- this is one of my favorite pictures!
We went to Twilight! It was a lot better the 2nd time for me!
Crystal & Lily (i made her that headband!)

I got to visit my good friend Jessica & also ran into my friend(as well as family) Lynlee! It was great! I wish I lived by these girls!
I also got to see my best friend, Britney. I plan on living next door to her someday!
This is one of MANY cute pictures of Lily! I was so glad to finally meet her!
Crystal, Lauren, & I are sort of into "tasting" things. So we taste-tested all the different flavors of Martinelli's & candy popcorn we could find. All I have to say is: stick to the original flavor! trust me!!
Lily-lou always happy
Ellie & her cute pig tails
We ran a 4mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! Courtney came down & ran with us, it was so fun!


The Alvords said...

Ok, I laughed throughout that entire post! I love the picture of Cim with food in his mouth while chewing and blinking, the one of Chris and Patrick, the first one of your dad, the super cute one of Ammon playing with Lily, and the video of I think it was PJ doing Michael Jackson!!!!! That was HILARIOUS! It looks like you guys had an awesome, jam packed week. Can't wait to see you in just 3 weeks!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I know the pictures are funny huh? My family cannot cooperate with photos- Chris fits in well!! ;) That video was totally unpracticed & just spur of the moment too! Pj made me laugh so hard...I said "do a dance for Josh" so he did.

Jen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're the best. Thanks for the video message. We loved it. Miss you all. Wish we could've been to Thanksgiving. (Stupid work. I told Josh to just quit...but he said, no. Sure, be responsible.) Nice Michael Jackson moves PJ. Don't quit your day job. (What exactly is your day job, lol?)

Spiker said...

Wow fun times with the Carver Crew! Loved Lily sleeping on Chris... (spoiler alert, subtle hint coming...) I want grand babies! Still waiting for a Thanksgiving pic of the two of you and what you are grateful for, for my blog!!!!

Erin and Spencer said...

This is a cute post! It is fun to see how much your family has changed!

Bobbilynn said...

All I can say is that I wish I were blessed with the big beautiful Carver eyes! It's no far that stuff like that is strickly genetic and that your fmaily gets to hog it all! :)

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

haha I know Erin, I feel the same way about yours!!
Bobbi-we have "carver" eyes?! haha. I have never heard of that! Now I am going to take a closer look!

Alison said...

Hi Spikers!! We loved the pics!! You two are so cute! We found your blog through Courtney & Josh's. Hope you're doing well! Love, the Steadmans

Rachel said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip! Maybe you guys should relocate... Wishful thinking???