Thursday, August 28, 2008

Girly Girls & Baby Curls..

Great News! I have been pursuing ways to get some exposure for my headbands etc & I contacted a mommy blog that agreed to FEATURING the stuff TODAY! I invited Courtney, who makes cute baby stuff as well~ they are featuring her site today ( and my headbands later today! Visit their site, they give away baby & mommy stuff every week- all you have to do is comment!!
Thanks Savvy Baby!!
I had some of these made for my boutique earlier this summer - but never posted them. Here are some little girl & baby headbands...Nothing outrageous, just simple stuff. My favorite are the animal ones; my amazing friend Claire made the animals for me, she & I share a love for design!

All styles are stretch, so they fit all sizes! The flowers are attached. If I had a cute baby to put them on to take pictures I would! Where are all my nieces when I need them?!


lauren said...

Send me some!! I will take pics of my beautiful girls in them... in exchange for some freebies...humm maybe?

They are beautiful... and I am impressed with your creative skills!
love ya

Spiker said...

Love them! So cute!

Bobbilynn said...

I love the little animals too! cute cute cute