Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A small little update!

Its been a couple weeks since we have posted! Things have been a little crazy around here! I promise to be back on my game soon! Chris is back at school (boo!) but its his last year (hurray!), so he is back to driving 90miles a day (luckily we have our amazing hybrid!). He will probably get a part time job since 3rd year is a little easier, let's hope he can find one!

Last week we made a short, last minute trip to UT & I forgot my camera!! Ugh, I was not happy about that! It was great to see the family. Chris & my dad went golfing twice & fishing once! It was their "man" time! They caught 15 fish & saw a Moose!! Yes, seriously. The next morning while golfing, my dad shot a 77 (apparently the game of his Life) but even more importantly he GOT A HOLE IN ONE!! So, needless to say, the boys had fun. I got to see a few of my very best friends; Miss Britney J., Jeni, Cara, Jessica, etc. (add a baby & a spouse or two as well) & spend time with my sister & brothers families! We also got to see Courtney & Josh, whom we rarely see when we go to UT, SO FUN! It was a great trip, I wish it could have been longer, but we'll be there for a week for Thanksgiving!

I am currently working on winter/fall accessories, as I do need my "creative" outlet! I have put it on hold for the past month since we haven't been home much but I am back at it starting this week! Headbands are doing great! Thank you to everyone who has helped me out! I would love to get a website started, but we'll just have to see how things work out.

Chris & I are also starting a "new" thing (as some of you may have read on my parents blog). We are doing our best to start eating healthier, working out etc. No soda, candy, etc etc. We had a lazy summer so we are feeling gross & ready to clean up our act! This week we are doing a cleanse! Yikes!
Work is going good, its still hiatus since most of the tv shows aren't back in production yet so we aren't super busy..but LINDSAY just got hired at our office (my sister-in-law) so now we are sisters & co-workers! Ill be the one training her, cross your fingers! haha. Thats our current life in a nutshell!! You are officially updated!


lauren said...

Thank you I was DYING to hear all of that info.... j/k

Love you tons. And wishing you were here to help me unpack AND figure out my stupid wireless internet connection so I can BLOG too!! I am currently on the kids crappy computer!! My pics are not available.....BOO! love you!

Spiker said...

Chris should get a job at Pottery Barn! Discount! Discount! Discount!