Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bye Bye Newport!

Chris & I just spent our last weekend in Newport! Chris will finish his last week this week & head home Saturday. We wanted to make it a last Hurrah! for our Newport-filled summer. We've had a great time, spending every weekend at the beach & eating a new restaurants, sleeping in & just having fun! We are crossing our fingers we get to move down here next year, once Chris graduates; its so beautiful & so much fun! Saturday we went to breakfast, bought a new camera, bought me the latest book in the Twilight series, and headed to Laguna. We walked around the shops & then we spent the rest of the afternoon reading on our beach towels. Then we went to dinner with Aunt Pam & Uncle Steve, whom we ADORE! They are so much fun. & After Chris shocked him with all his 'political views' we headed out to the big OC Fair! So fun!! This fair is huge, tons of rides & vendors & games. Sunday we went to church, then drove around & looked at the beautiful houses & walked on the beach, then we spent the rest of the day being lazy & watching movies in bed. We don't have a kitchen in Chris' apt so we have to eat out, so we went to our FAVORITE place of all time, for one last time. Habana, its a cuban place & its the most delicious food & the coolest atmo. Anyway, Here are some pictures of this weekend: (sorry these pictures are totally out of order).

we went to the big O.C. Fair~So fun!

This is what Chris calls "Fried Goodness"-aka "I want to die of a heart attack" or "ways to quickly become obese"....Fair food is AWFUL for you, we decided we'd only partake in one delicious treat, and the Funnel Cake was the winner. OH IT WAS WORTH IT! So delicious!
This is the Monkey Chris won for me!

Chris was so good at all the games! I talked so much crap before, saying how much I would own him in all the games! But he rocked! Here is him playing darts! He won me an elephant in this one..

The basketball game is sooo hard! And Chris won first try, this is our Monkey that he won from it!

We bought a new camera, here are some of our "test" shots while playing around with it...

Ah, our romantic kiss....Isn't he sort of scary in this pic?! I love him, he cracks me up!
There was traffic on the way to the fair, I HAD to take a picture of how angry Chris was was too funny..Can you see him about to say something not so nice? hah!


Nate and Lynlee said...

I love Newport! My family usually takes a trip there every summer. The houses on the water are amazing! Although I still think you guys should end up in Utah, I guess we could get used to visiting Newport! : ) Oh and about Breaking you love it? I'm half way done with it and can't stop reading it. Have you read The Host yet? Let's just say I would love to know what else goes on in Stephanie Meyers head...

the organic kitchen said...

I could not read the purple font, so I made up my own story to the pictures. I bet it was more entertaining than the real story. I love Newport too! ~ Linda/Mom

The Alvords said...

Fun! I hope we can all live there next year. That's still our goal. I'm glad you get your husband back now. I miss you guys so much and I so wish you were on this trip with us. It just isn't the same without your downs syndrome face. That little island trip was so awesome and we are all definitely going there next time we go to Cancun. I'm glad you enjoyed your last weekend in Newport. I miss you!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like you had so much fun.
I didn't realize Chris was so clost to graduation. That's exciting!