Friday, February 10, 2012

The Secret to My Success...

Oh my 80's magic.
First off, let's just agree on one thing. Michael J Fox is pure 80's. His movies are jammed with all of the goods. I am particularly fond of the ever-constant "never give up" underdog themes they have.  I mean, Teen Wolf? Are you serious? Who doesn't love that. 

Tonight, in my singlewifelifehood Netflix did me proud by suggesting 
"The Secret to My Success"
with no other than the big MJ himself. (big is a relative term)
I am beyond entertained. The excessive use of keyboard medleys at just the right moment, the one liners like "I believe in myself. That has to count for something!" or "I didn't buy a roundtrip ticket. When I come back to Kansas, I will come back in my own Jet" Go get 'em MJ!! I love the fact that the older rich woman has a perm and wears turbans...Or the scene where the main girl is getting a drink from the drinking fountain and it's set up to be a MONUMENTAL moment. Oh gosh, I laugh so hard I cry. 

So tonight friends, I recommend you find yourselves 
a cheestastic 80's movie and enjoy every moment of it.

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Angela @ farragio said...

MJF is such a cutey pie. I haven't seen this movie since it first came out. Will definitely have to watch it again.