Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Miss You!!

Josh & Jen and their little family came down from WA for a week at Disneyland-which means Chris & I got to tag along! Its been over 2 years since we have seen them & we hadn't been able to meet their youngest Landon- needless to say we were excited to finally see them!

Disneyland changes it's decorations depending on the season- it was so cute! Halloween was everywhere! If you haven't gone in Oct, you should- no lines, great weather etc.

Splash Mountain! Chris got SOAKED-he was wet the rest of the night! Josh & I got pretty wet too.

Kaylee was so cute! She was SO excited to watch the princesses in the parade- this is when she was trying to get Cinderella's attention!

After a long day..

One of my favorite parts was the Haunted Mansion! They change it just for Halloween to "Nightmare Before Christmas". I know some of the pictures aren't clear, but it was really cool!

Jake attempting to climb the Tarzan rope


Jake is so tall!

Chris & Josh talked sports like this any chance they got!

I Miss My Big Bro!

Thanks so much for letting us tag along on your trip Josh & Jen- we love you!

Jake was so fun! He was quite the entertainer! Here are a couple video clips of him cracking us all up! Jake, you are a stud!

"You Got Served!"

"What's up Girlfriend?"


Bobbilynn said...

That's so fun! I would love Disneyland around Halloween! Sounds fun! I was surprised that he was your brother, I would have thought she was your sister! She looks like a Carver girl.

the organic kitchen said...

Hey Chris! You got served!~ Mom

The Alvords said...

OOOOh man, I'm so jealous!!!! It looks like you guys had a blast. I wish we could have been there. I'm so glad you guys finally got to see Jen and Josh.

Nate and Lynlee said...

So cute! I love that we share the same nieces and nephews! Don't you think Landon looks just like "Papa" Price?

lauren said...

What's up Girlfriend! that makes me laugh so hard! I love Disney! and at Halloween!!!!!! I am dying a little bit! It just looked "bananas!". Thanks for taking great pics- and I am glad you guys got to see our long lost Brother & fam!

Jeni said...

Aw, a couple weeks ago Isaac and I were trying to win tickets to go to Disneyland because we wanted to see it with the Halloween decorations! I'm glad one of us could go! Ok and hi, I'm freaking out about how big Jacob is... are you kidding me?? We're getting old.

Peterson Family said...

I am so jealous! I have been wanting to go to disneyland for a long time. (crazy i know) Boston loves mickey mouse so im dying even more to get there. Happy Birthday in advance in case I dont get it to you on time!

manhattan crew said...

Jacob is the funniest/cutest kid EVER!
Great post Mares