Sunday, October 19, 2008

New York!- Part 1

New York was AMAZING! This was my third visit to the Big Apple & it was just as exciting as the others-if not MORE! Crystal & I stayed with Ammon & Carlo in their ADORABLE apt in Chelsea. Let me first tell you WHY I got so lucky to take this trip! Ammon had Crystal last year for Christmas & gave her a FREE TRIP TO NY! When the dates were finally settled, Amms had to work on a few of the days of her I got invited to help entertain our cute sister! So waaaaaaaay back in May Chris & I bought the ticket & I have been counting down ever since! I love this city! I decided to break the post down into more than one because a:I am exhausted! :) & b: because there are so many picutures & things we did!

Our first night we went to see WICKED!
This show is my favorite! We laughed, we cried! Its a great story of friendship, its fun & happy & mostly I just love that its a unique way to look at the Wizard of Oz story.

Times Square!

The next day Crystal & I hit the city. We walked & walked. Saw beautiful building after beautiful building. I LOVE all the character of this city. How diverse & how upbeat.This is one of MANY incredible churches.

We wandered around in the morning then went to the top of the Rockafellar building. Here are a few pictures of the view!

More to come tomorrow! I am a bit jet-lagged so this is it for now!
I miss you NEW YORK!


the organic kitchen said...

Yeah Ammon and Carlo! yeah Crystal, so svelte! Yeah NYC! I lOVE the old churches! Can't wait! Dec. 3rd nyc here we come! ~ Linda

The Alvords said...

I am so happy you got to go and play! It really is the best city. I say next time we all need to go there and then head up to Boston after that. Can't wait to see the next post. Oh, didn't you love the elevator ride to the top of the Rockefeller building? Maybe I'm a weirdo but I loved it.

Lexi said...

How fun!! I have always wanted to go to New York! I hope someday..

Erin and Spencer said...

Im so Jealous!! It is fun to see pics of Crystal and Ammon, since I haven't seen them in SO long!