Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Chris & I had a great week, a busy week, but a great one! My birthday was on Tuesday- I woke up early for work as usual & got out of the shower to find Chris sleeping in bed only to peep one eye open & start singing happy birthday! I went to work only to open my email to all kinds of funny comments on my facebook & myspace, as well as getting "roasted" by my family (our tradition is to email everyone in the family on each person's birthday & tell favorite things & favorite memories..which usually ends up in us telling embarrassing stories about that person). It was really fun, kept me entertained all day long! Thank you everyone for your thoughts & birthday wishes! I am offically big fat 23! Aye..
On my b-day we carved pumpkins! I usually take a lot of time on my pumpkin, but this year I wasn't feeling that well so I sort of gave up!
For Halloween I decided 1hour before work I should dress up, so I threw together a little indian outfit (as Linds would call it "Tiger Lily"). Work was way fun, all the casting directors dressed up & we had a big pot luck.
After work Chris & I went to hang out with our friends Lindsey & Kevin (whom we love) & they made me laugh so hard all night long.
We hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

Officially 23!

Chris has a cute toosh, so I took a pic of it..

Look how cute! All the presents Chris got me!
Mine are the mini ones..anyone who knows me would have known that..My friend Claire & I- I LOVE her, she is so much fun.
Plus she shares my addiction to sewing etc.
She made her costume of course!
Me, Jacque, & Jeanette (co-workers)
I seriously LOVE this girl


lauren said...

Love it Tiger Lily! Looks like you had fun.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Thanks Lo, I did that post so late I forgot what I even wrote! I am waiting for yours!!

The Alvords said...

Oh my gosh, you are so cute! I love your Tiger Lily costume. Happy Birthday again. Your pumpkins are cute. I miss Lombardie Ranch (I have no clue how to spell that). Ummm, your new clothes and Lulu jacket are sooooooo cute! Good job Chris!

Rachel said...

Awww, looks like so much fun! You look so cute... Happy Halloween/Birthday! Chris did good with your presents... DJ usually just gives me the money.

Spiker said...

no mention of your knife????

Jeni said...

I love you costume! What a good idea, I may have to steal it next year. It's no surprise to see you dragged Chris to a pumpkin patch... you love your pumpkins! Yaaay for being 23, we are officially different ages again.
By the way, I had to type "zanda" in the word verification thingy to be able to leave this comment... zzzannnda, doesn't it sound like some sassy foreign lady from Zanzibar? Maybe you should be Zanda for Halloween next year...
Ok, I'm done with my 20 year long comment.
I love you.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I also received the MOST AMAZING knife from the spikers!!!!!! I have been lusting it for two years now! I am sooo excited you his have no idea. The reason I didn't mention it was because it was super late when I did the post! (for you Linda :) )
I also got amazing phone calls with singinng and I got $ from grandmas & awesome Balloon deliveries to work etc etc etc. Thank you everyone for all your gifts etc! Hahaha I didn't mean to forget anyone- I was just super out of it when I posted that!

Bobbilynn said...

happy belated birthday!

The Ten Eycks said...

Ok, I totally had NO IDEA It was your birthday until I read your blog!!! (I'm so embarrassed!) We should have celebrated....we will just have to do something late! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Your blog is super cute too! Love the costume, great idea!!!

Amanda & Jason said...

Happy Late Birthday!! Look how cute you are at 23. Oh wait! you will always be cute!!! Looks like you had a good one!