Sunday, June 5, 2011

New York, New York

 Concrete Jungle. Empire State. Big Apple. City that Never Sleeps. 
Call it what you may, I simply adore it.
Fortunately for me, I have a very generous brother who always lets me come visit whenever I want. I decided to come out this time because Britney had never been, and she HAD to see this place that I am so in love with.  
(although I think if she could have seen it during the fall she would have had the FULL experience!) 
We did SO much.
We were GO GO GO the entire time, and I'm pretty sure we are still exhausted from our 5.5 day adventure. Ammon & Carlo made us laugh, took us to beautiful places and delicious restaurants. We wandered, shopped, and experienced new things at every turn. (some unpleasant & shocking, some amazing....ALL one of a kind!) 
We had dinner and went out with Carlo's brother Rodrigo & his friend from Brazil, Alexander. It was probably the funnest night of the entire trip for me, I loved getting to know Rodrigo better & running around the city all night long.
But to be honest, every night was amazing!

It was a great way to kick off my "summer on the couch", especially because I'm so tired I probably won't mind being on the couch for at least the first week ;)

I heart you NYC. 'Til next time!



We took some video documentary of our trip, super random for the most part, but with the occasional great comment!






Cara Grenny said...

New York is the best! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Amy said...

This makes me want to go there SO bad! Looks like you had such fun :) -- and -- what's the deal with the masks?? Haha, love all the photos.

Melody's Voice said...

you looked fabulous everyday!

Glamour Girl Fitness said...

a. You are so gorgeous and J wants to know why you don't move to NY to model.

b. I loved every pic and watched every single video. Which means I am a weirdo!

c. I need to go to NY in October, so let's figure this out!

d. I love you!!!