Thursday, May 19, 2011

blah blah blah

How is it that I got home from work at 4:30pm and haven't moved off the couch? I had all of these grand plans of going to the gym, cleaning the house, and making a delicious quinioa dinner. Yet, here I am, exhausted.

Here's the thing...mornings aren't really my style.

However, sitting here on the couch apparently is my style. (afraid to even consider what this means for my future)

So, as I muster up the energy to complete my checklist and try to forget waking up at the disgusting hour of 4am to go to work, I find myself being sucked into a new obsession.


If you know it, you can relate.

Anyway, I'm also currently obsessed with The Submarines: 1940 Remix. And have you noticed I have been blogging a lot about clothing/shopping. I'm going to attempt to post a few times without mentioning those items...just to prove to myself that I can! Yeah!

Also, yesterday at the nail salon the chick giving my pedicure told me I have "meaty calves" ummm what???? That was a first.

Have you seen Bridesmaids? Chris & I went on our traditional mid-week date last week & he let me pick the movie. I totally loved it. Kristin Wig is one of my favorite comedians of all time.

Next week I am heading out to the big apple to spend some lovely time with Ammon, Carlo, and Britney! I am pretty excited about it. Brit has been through so much this year and I think it will be so good for us both to go have a little fun. We may be a little ambitious on our checklist of "must do's" but, can you blame us? Brit has never been. And Ammon is already texting me phrases like "it's going to be everything. trust" lol! I hope B is prepared to witness the spazticness that is Ammon.

Should I be embarrassed that I really want to pay someone to come give me a blow out every other day? Obviously finances restrict such a wish, but I can't deny that I would jump at it if given the chance. I mean seriously, having fab hair ALL the time? Best. Thing. Ever.

Chris is still not committing to seeing Harry Potter with me when it comes out this summer. I can't understand WHY! I still have a few months to work on it tho, I have a feeling he will cave.

Is it better to receive crappy flowers every month or two, or amazing crazy beautiful flowers once a year? I'm still trying to decide.

I'm still sad I lost the Tiffany's necklace Chris gave me for my last birthday. I just keep hoping I will magically find it. I feel sad because it was beautiful and perfect, but also because it was from him. He picked it special for me. And it's gone. :(

Okay, time to get up. These abs aren't going to work themselves!


Jeni said...

I am obsessed with Pinterest too! I can't get on it, I end up spending all day looking at things and daydreaming! My life is pretty fabulous in those daydreams; it's full of gorgeous clothes and brightly colored walls and fancy meals and witty sayings.
You know?
Also, the phrase "meaty calves" in relation to your legs is hilarious. YOUR CALVES??? I can't get over it.

Amy said...

Meaty calves? LOL, what was your response? & I thought your blog was going to be @ Ke$sha, based on the title, glad it wasn't, you are much more entertaining. Yeay for NY, still on my list of places to go.

Betty Tolman said...

ok, i just died about your post...
"How is it that I got home from work at 4:30pm and haven't moved off the couch?"
I have the same problem. Austen was asleep. cam was gone for man-hour thursday. and i had the house to myself... I ended up on the computer for 3+ hours. Embarrassing.

Well, you don't have meaty calfs. That is just plain stupid.

I've been dying to go see bridesmaids.

NYC. Oh, mari how i envy your NYC trips.

i think i would take a fabulous arrangement once a year than crappy flowers every other time.

the organic kitchen said...

The randomness of this post is hilarious! The meaty calves thing is just weird... Court is obsessed with pintrest too... going to NYC again???!!!

Trevor and Shelby said...

If anything, you are going to see Harry Potter with me. Opening night. No objections.

The Alvords said...

I've always thought of your calves as meaty, I'm surprised that was the first time you have heard that- hehehe. I can only wish my legs will be as meaty as yours one day. NYC again?! Please take me with you one of these times. I miss you.

Audrey Crisp said...

Lol! I'll bet I'm lazier than you! I love Pinterest too! It's the best. You do not have meaty calves. Ridiculous! NYC will be fun! I love Kristin Wiig!!! Have a great weekend!