Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

Mari & I had a nice, relaxing, 4th of July. We started the day with a 5k run / walk in 97 degree heat. We almost melted. This is how I looked at the conclusion of the race.
Then we hit the pool to cool off.

Next we saw Walle and learned all about how people are fat and lazy.

Then Mari took this photo of me and insisted that we post it. She was proud of herself for picking out my clothes. Maybe one day she will let me pick out hers.
However, I dont think Mari will ever let me pick out her clothes though because she fears I will pick something like this.

Lastly, Lauren gave birth to our niece "Lily" not "Lilly". Congrats to Lauren and Patrick.
I have not seen any photos of Lily, but in my imagination this is what she looks like.


The Alvords said...

I can't believe you are black now! I have always wanted to have a brotha for a brother. I miss you guys. I'm excited to see you guys in Newport.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

I'm almost as impressed with the fact that you guys were exercising in such weather as I am with your deep, rich tan Chris.

Hadn't seen you guys blog in awhile, but we've now added you to our links as a reminder.

Spiker said...

You make me laugh!~ Mama

Annie and Dan said...

Hey Chris,

This is Dan, not Annie. I've always really admired you. That all changed when I saw you wearing the clothes Mari "picked out" for you. I'm sorry about the Lakers.

Travis & Liz said...

Hey Mari! I was so surprised to hear from you! Your head bands are so adorable! How can I get some?

mari elizabeth said...

hahah, DAN let me correct my husband.. I wanted to take a picture of him because of how CUTE HE IS! I didn't pick out his outfit..he was wearing all clothes I happened to buy him. There was no "insisting" on taking a picture...I said, 'hey, I want to take a picture of you!' and he stood & smiled...'Nuf said!