Monday, March 3, 2008

5k Run!

We recently completed a 5k in Santa Monica. We signed up for this thing a couple months in advance, and decided to train so we wouldn't embarrass ourselves (and by train i mean run not more than 1.5 miles, about 3 times in the month before the race). Well race day arrives, and we are both sick. I, at this point am ready to die, and would rather lay in bed and sleep. But, Mari gives me a couple dayquil and we're off. It is a beautiful day, nice and cool, perfect sunny weather at the beach. At 9:30, they line us up and the race begins. Immediately, Mari begins weaving through the crowd to near the front of the pack. Mari runs strong the entire time, and finishes third in her age group. Meanwhile, I choose a different strategy. I find the biggest butt in the crowd, and use that to pace myself. 10 minutes pass. Then 20. Then 30. Finally, at 34:30 something I cross the finish line (just in front of some old men who look like they havent seen the sun in decades, a couple of senior citizens, and some housewives with substantial junk in the trunk). But the good news is, I could probably run backwards next time and beat my time.


Spiker said...

Yeah for Mari! Next time you enter one of these I will do it too! And Chris, considering you were sick you did really well. I would have stayed in bed. So the housewives had junk in the trunk? At least i will have company! Love, Mom

Annie and Dan said...

Wow Chris I am impressed! Remember when I would try and get anyone to go running with me and no one would. Also you didn't post what Mari's time was!

The Alvords said...

Horray for you guys! I love races! I think it's great if people walk and finish them, as long as they finish. I have signed up for a couple here in NYC. I'm glad you guys did it. I think I would have been with mom and stayed in bed. We should all do one this summer when Josh and I come to visit.