Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here is a picture of our Tortilla Espanola, DELISH! And in the back is a yummy simple salad.

Left: Pic of our FLAN! Below: Me, Linda, Lindsay, & Courtney.
This is our saffron Shrimp! Light taste & so easy to make! Doesn't it look pretty!
Ms. Courtney (isn't she cute?) working hard on our Sangria (virgin of course!)


We made mini empanadas; pre cooked..

Lindsay & me being weird as usual..

i have a scary neck in this picture! haha

Linds & I were in charge of the cheese & guava paste, so artistic yes? We also made an amazing nut mix, shown here.
Us making our cheese & guava paste ! So yummy!

we put brown sugar with the nuts, need I say more?

Look how great they look!!!
They taught us how to pan flip, here we all are, practicing our new skill Me:




I always have so much fun at these classes! I just found out they will be opening in a few other states in the next couple years: Texas, Oregon, and Washington! (Jen & Lauren watch out!! I may fly out & make you take a class with me!)


The Alvords said...

I am embarrassed that I went to Hipcooks looking like that. Oh well. That class was so fun! They always are. I'm so glad we got to play all week!

DJ & Candra Probert said...

Mari E, That is some SERIOUSLY hip cooking. It looks like a blast! DJ and I love to just roam around Central Market here in TX and check out all the foodie stuff they have there.

By the way, I love the headbands. You hip lady, you!

check us out at

Spiker said...

That was fun! And yummy! And yes you do have a very nice mother in law! From your very nice mother in law~ Linda

Bobbilynn said...

i can't remember if i commented about the headbands or not. They're really cute and I bet you could make a lof of money selling them in LA don't you think? I can't buy one due to the fact that I look aweful in headbands, even super cute ones like yours. I just don't know how to wear them.

And i bet i'd cook more if i had a fun class like that to go to. Chris is a lucky man!