Sunday, January 3, 2010

oh how I miss


I'm not sure why i can't.
I follow all the "right things"
(no tv or reading while in bed, no late night work outs, no caffeine, not overly stressed, etc.)
I don't want to take drugs :(
Desperate times, people, desperate!


Adam & Samantha said...

i can't operate with no sleep! Usually when I can't sleep it's because I am sick and I take one tylenol PM, then I am all caught up. But just relax, when you're tired enough, your body will crash.

the organic kitchen said...

So sorry my dear. You have entered my world and no offense but you are not welcome, go back where you belong. Try adding a hot bath before bedtime it might help. And of course melatonin. My guess is it will pass... you have lots of new changes and even tho they are good ones, change is stressful.

The Tolmans said...

oh, mari. No sleep is harsh. In high school I would get 3 hours of sleep a night, it was bad. I did take medicine for a couple of months, it helped for me... if you don't want to do drugs, there are some teas that help. I'll send you some. my doctor also recommended reading the scriptures... sometimes kinda boring and can easily put you to sleep

The Queen said...

Ohhh. I can so sympathize. I'm so sorry.

Kellie Spiker said...

try taking a st johns wart. grandma turned me onto them and they help me relax and sleep at night and they are all natural. good luck.

Brittany and Johnse said...

ohhh this sucks! I'm sorry! I went through this for about two weeks it was horrible! I got a ton done around the house because I would get up and work on things but felt horrible for not sleeping! FIGHT it...make yourself stay in bed and sleep.

my grandpa swears that as long as you are laying still in bed and relaxing(even if your not asleep) you will get 90% of the rest your body needs. :)

Em Ybarra said... sorry. just call it your training for parenthood. i like the sleepytime tea.