Saturday, September 18, 2010

R.I.P. Ruby

"Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho"....have you heard this song by Rancid? I'm not entirely sure I've even heard the entire song, but I used to sing this line when referring to my lovely ride.

Ruby. A not-so-red-not-so-much-pink-either automobile. Aptly named this when first purchased in High School (because everyone knows you name your car in high school...) The very first car that I purchased all on my own. She was a 2 door stick shiftin' warrior. Or survivor. Depending on your opinion of my driving.

1 year ago today, she was taken from us. In the middle of the night. A miraculous occurrence considering she had been rather moody (not starting whenever she felt like it). It was tragic, shocking, hilarious, and a godsend.

Our first thought....Really? My car?? Apparently her worn state and inconsistent behavior didn't bother her kidnappers one bit. They wanted her for her parts, I call it "Dexter-style death".

True, she was a little ugly. A little worn out. But she was the car that I drove when I ditched class to go shopping, the car that taught me to drive a stick shift, the place for my best musical performances, the taxi for my friends, the car that took endless trips up and down the canyon to longboard, see the leaves,etc. She was the car that took me to some of my most memorable concerts, to the places I probably shouldn't have been going to eat at 1am, and the car I packed up and moved out of my parents house in. She was the car that moved me from my single life in little Orem, UT--to the exciting and scary land of big California.

RIP Ruby, you were a good little car.

.............BUT, I'll admit....
I love my new ride more! Thanks for being stolen & making it possible!



Audrey {Crisp} said...

Another stealing story. Man people suck sometimes... At least you have a better car now! HaHAH... You're so funny!

Jeni said...

Awwww, RUBY! The memories! Weird that I was thinking about her just the other day?
My favorite memories of Ruby include but are not limited to: Sconecutter at 2 a.m., roadtrips to CA., singing at the tops of our lungs, just going for drives because at that time who cared about how much gas cost?? So long, Ruby.

Jess and Jason Apperson said...

Mari, you are seriously a talented writer! You should be a professional blogger. I loved your little story about Ruby and her "Dexter-style" death. RIP.

Keef and Brit said...

I would definitely classify Ruby as a survivor. I remember our trips in her on freezing winter mornings to get hot chocolate, rocking out to Panic! I do have to say that I like your new upgraded whip a bit better. RIP ruby.

Alison said...

Ha ha! What a hilarious story!! :)

Sabrina said...

what are you driving these days?

Spiker said...

Ruby made the ultimate sacrifice. She is like The Giving Tree.