Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When I Grow Up..

Remember saying that? I do. I thought being "grown up" was always SO far away, always a never-going-to-happen-to-me moment. Ever hear those women complain about getting older and wonder why they care, it's just another year? Then find yourself totally relating to those women? Oh, is that just me?


Welcome to 25 years old Mari. You're officially a Grown Up.

Things I thought I'd have accomplished by the time I hit the big 25: Graduated with a Bachelors (I had no specific degree in mind...which is probably why it never happened lol), traveled to Europe, be Tri-Lingual, lived on the East Coast , *If I was married* I was certain I'd have one child by now...ETC, ETC!!

Surprisingly, getting married wasn't on the list until 28yrs! Working retail at 25? Nope. Am I totally happy with being married? OF COURSE! Best. Thing. Ever. (seriously) Am I in love with Anthropologie and completely content spending 40hrs a week in that lovely environment? Definitely. Do I love to cook, sew, and create? YES! I never would have pictured myself doing these things to this extent...ever! I would be so sad without them now, they are parts of me I never knew could bring so much joy! 

Life takes interesting turns. Friends you thought were sure you'd be close with forever are not the friends you speak to everyday. Dreams you once had have turned into new ones. Always expect the unexpected, things never go as you "plan". I have to keep reminding myself this every time I ache for a little one, every time I wish I had been more focused on school (like my very studious spouse), or anytime I find myself wishing for a re-do. It's a bit gooey of me to say, but it's not too late. I can reconnect with lost friendships that I value & miss, I can learn a new language, I can still travel!

Conclusion: Life is good, regardless of whether or not my plan has been perfectly executed.

Am I still having a mid life crisis? YESSSSSS!

Give a girl a break, 25 is a BIG milestone! 


Annie and Dan said...

I hear ya!!! My life is amazing, but it is funny how at times things aren't how I pictured it at all. Not in a bad way, just not what I thought. YOU AREN'T ALONE!

Audrey {C} said...

HAHAH! There are tons of things I never did either... But you are totally right... we still have time. not in mormon years... in real world years. I think it's harder for us because every one still in Utah has like 2-3 kids and we have none! But you are 2 years younger than me so feel better. hahah.. you've accomplished more than I have anyway... You're awesome!

The Alvords said...

I love you and I'm proud of everything you've accomplished in the past 25 years. You are amazing! Happy Birthday!!!

The Morris story said...

This was such a lovely post. I've always admired your positive and happy outlook, even when things are tough. My sister went through 8 years of marriage without a child, so I don't totally understand what you are going through I'm close to one who does. Hang in there! Thanks for the post.

Spiker said...

I like the surprises much batter than the plan! I love how different everything is from what i thought it would be. And you are not having a midlife crisis. You are having a 1/4 life crisis.

Lanie said...

Hey! This totally made my day! You should be proud of everything you done and most importantly who cares!? You are happy!