Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Britney & Keith are Married!

Britney & Keith are married! While I was in UT I was able to go to their wedding, which was amazing. These two are some of Chris' & my favorite people in the world, we just wish we could live by them so we could hang out all the time! Britney looked gorgeous & her dress was amazing!! Congrats bestie, I love you!

While I was there I got to see Court! I was so excited because we rarely get to hang out outside of California. She is so much fun, I think I talked her ear off the entire time! JR called this picture our "Gucci Goggle" picture, it made us laugh pretty hard. Love you Court!!

These are some pictures from Brit's Bridal Shower. Jeni was there with her gorgeous little girl Olivia, I still can't believe we are both married & she is starting her family. It was Sooooooo good to see Jeni, I have really missed her being so far away. In this pic (left to right): Me, Jeni, Olivia, Cara, Aislinn, Britney, Cami, & Katie (Brits little sister).
Cami & Brit. Cami is wearing one of the headbands I made her! Yay!

My Bestie. I miss her!


jaybay said...

Gosh Mari why do you have to be so gorgeous! I'm a little bit jelly! So sometime when you are up here we need to hang out! Gosh how long has it been!!

The Alvords said...

I completely agree that tags are annoying. That's why I didn't leave a comment on your blog telling you that I tagged you. It's kind of embarassing and I totally don't expect you to do it. I have the cutest little friend who has tagged me 4 times and I felt like I had to finally do one of them. Don't feel obligated. I didn't let anyone else that I tagged know about it. I think it's hilarious that you said that you wish you were as tiny and cute as me, NEWS are. I'm not sure if you remember but you have borrowed some of my clothes before and they fit!

Spiker said...

Good times! We missed you!