Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Familia & Familia

This past week I was lucky enough to go home to Utah & spend some family time with the crazy Carver clan that I miss so much. Lauren is 9 months prego, my mom had the week off from school & that meant the rest of us found any excuse to be lazy & get everyone else to ditch work & hang out. For the most part, it worked! It was a great trip & I only wish I could have hung out longer. The one thing that would have made it better would have been to have Chris along for the ride, but he was busy working hard at his internship down in the O.C. :( Here are some pictures from our week.

This is my favorite picture from the entire trip, the wind blew right when we were taking it, which I think made it even better!

This is my moms famous "Mud Pie".. totally bad for you, totally good! I learned how to make it, so I had to take a picture of my first mud pie!

Kailah & Aubrie after we did make-up!!

Post run, my ipod died & so did my motivation to run without music... I think I made it a mile & a half before I started walking with preggers & crystal..

KK wearing my headband & sunglasses...I just like to think of it as MiniMe:)

SMORES up at our family favorite spot in Hobble Creek Canyon

Justin & Daisy's staring contest!

Aubrie's & I went to get our nails done w/ my mom

Pj & Patrick. Pj looks.... taller right?! haha. Okay, how about Mr. Muscles!? Sheesh.




Speaking of Mini Me's....

Slip n Slide baby!


Nate and Lynlee Price said...

Looks like you had fun! Cami said you came to our house while we were at church. Wish we would've been here to see you!

Katie said...

looks like a great time! Wish we could have been there too.

The Alvords said...

Yea for family! I'm so glad you got to see them and spend some quality time with everyone. I miss you and wish I could have spent more time with you while you were here. We are coming down for a week and a half in July for the Newport trip. Will you guys be there at all?