Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Once I like something, I can't stop!

I go through phases, phases that consist of me being obsessed with something SO MUCH, I over-do it. Once the phase ends, I move to something else! Here are a few of my current phase-favorites!

(mostly red velvet with cream cheese frosting)
Sprinkles cupcakes are VERY YUMMY! They are famous for their fabulous taste & simplicity. You can buy Sprinkles cupcake mixes here! (a titch pricier than your average cake mix) I have made one of these mixes about every other week!

SpInAcH SaLaDs!
All I need is a light dressing (tangerine or white balsamic being my current favs) some candied nuts, avocado, & some fruit! DIVINE!


Fabulous lashes. End of story. I can't go back (thanks a lot Ammon!)

Betsey Johnson

She is one of my favorite designers. Her crazy, outrageous, over the top, yet chic & feminine style rocks. It somehow all comes together as GENIUS! (excuse me while I day dream about being a fashion designer...)

They are SO fun to play with & create with..oh & to wear :)
(i'm actually not into "crafts" although all signs point that direction)

Chris Dancing
He has the most hilarious moves, it makes me laugh so hard.

Renting Movies
(mainly tv seasons)

This makes me cry

Fresh Flowers
in my apartment!
Any kind any color.. I just like having them in my house.

TJ'sThose of you who don't have a Trader Joe's, I am sad for you. I never had one growing up, but let me tell you I am making up for lost time! Cheap, yummy, locally grown, fresh, Organic...ahhhh I especially love their juice, hummus & lavendar dryer bags!

Sew What?
Although I am not great (i enjoy acting like I am) I enjoy learning & creating! This year I am branching out-no more drapes, aprons, or playing it safe...CLOTHES are in store for 2009! If they aren't completely horrible, Ill post't plan on any pic! (lol!)


Ms. Lily Allen

I love all kinds of music. In fact, one could say I am passionate about it! Lately I have really been into Rihana (great to work out to), Lily Allen, and Paramore.

Seeing Cute Kids Be Cute
there are so many, I could post for hours if I wanted to include them all, if your kid isn't on here don't worry, i am SURE i think they are cute :)

(especially with my Dad!)



Nate and Lynlee said...

Cute post! I enjoy pretty much all the same things! I'm actually trying the same mascara right now except I don't think I like it as much as you do. I still keep going back to L'Oreal! And in all honesty, Betsy Johnson creeps me out. I love her designs (or at least most of them.) But Betsy on the other hand, she's a little freaky! Okay so I'm a jerk at 3 a.m. I seriously need to go to bed!

Nate and Lynlee said...

Maybe I should try and spell her name right! Again, 3 a.m.!

The Alvords said...

I think we re the same person. I thought about making a list like this the other dayand I think I'm going to copy you and do it. I think we get along so well because we enjoy so many of the same things. My obsession of the month is FRESH tortillas! I love you!

lauren said...

You are a cheese ball.... and I love you!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Thanks! And Lynlee i totally agree! Hahahah Betsey is a total freak!! But I love her fun frocks! And you aren't a jerk! LOL not everyone likes the same thing! I prefer that too, I love you for who you are ms Lynlee!!

And Lauren, you are a jerk as usual... But I love you!

PJ and Lorena said...

Such a fun post Mari! I love creating and making certain crafts too. Why pay for it when you can make it yourself! right? You might need to give me a few pointers with the sewing too. PJ can't wait until I start making my own clothes so that I stop spending his money at the mall. haha!

Em Ybarra said...

lol! love it! actually, you made me hungry with that spinach salad there...i might have to go and make one now.

Peterson Family said...

Oh I love cupcakes too! I never think to make them but once I dont I cant believe I went so long without one. Love the flowers too! Great Post

Adam & Samantha said...

i love that post! i love betsy johnson and ill have to try dior mascara! cute post, you have good taste!

Jeni said...

Um, Olivia is terrifying in that picture! Not her best, not her best.... I loved this post, so cute!

P.S. If you are trying to talk to me on facebook, I'm not a jerk! Our computer is randomly blocking it and we can't figure out how to let me use it. I haven't been on in like a week and a half!

The Tolmans said...

thanks for you sympathy. I love trader joe's so much. I can't wait to leave utah. Spinach salads are the best thing . They go great with anything. love you mari!

Spiker said...

I should just copy and paste that on to my blog... except for the feathers... and the sewing...

Claire said...

Biggest Loser makes me cry too.

lori and clark remington said...

Your blog is so cute...I love this post. It is so fun to see you at Linda's cooking classes and I love getting to know you more and more each time. I can't wait to check on your blog and see what's up with you and Chris! Have a great day!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Biggest Loser is so great! ... Except that I think Trevor has a man crush on Bob...