Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fuimos Al Getty

This past weekend Chris & I had the chance to go to the famous Getty Museum here in LA with two of our favorite people in the world, Kevin & Lindsey! We have always wanted to go to the Getty, so when asked to go we jumped right on it!
For those of you who haven't been to this museum, you definitely should. It's gorgeous & enormous! The work inside it is beautiful & amazing. We didn't even see half of it! We are definitely planning a trip to go back & finish it. Just for fun, you should google the Getty family & find out just how rich they are! The Getty is huge & build on PRIME real estate! The views are gorgeous. Oh, and a little food for thought: the security guard told us that he is paid on the INTEREST of the Getty trust- the principal hasn't even been touched after all these years & after all they have built & spent & lived off of...they are still living on the interest!
After the museum, we went to Santa Monica for dinner & desert. So many fun things to do in LA! We love it!

Chris took some photos of a few of the paintings & sculptures from the 1600's & earlier level.
This photo was amazing, it looks like an acutal photograph, not a painting. Its so incredible how talented artists are.

Chris apparently thought this was worth capturing on camera..

The bottom floor of the 1600s & before was my favorite! It was filled with old furniture from King Loius 14th & 16th palace at Versailles & more. The craftsmanship back then is hard to comprehend! How did they create such beautiful work without any of the tools that we use today? I love how much character & history each piece had. It made furniture of today feel like it had no personality..
I had Chris take pictures of me & my future pieces for our house.
You can't tell from ths photo, but this chandelier is all crystal..GORGEOUS!
Also, please note the walls & the flooring..all of this was kept & preserved.

Ahhhhh. The most inspiring piece of all!
My COUCH! You think I am kidding, but I am seriously going to copy this! Give it a modern twist & lose the pink & BAM! FAB couch! I mean, look at the size of the the main cushion! And how deep it is! Serious comfort. I know this was their bed, but THIS will be my couch!
Isn't it beautiful?

I truly love this bed. Its so Cinderella.
Oh dear sweet joy... can you imagine such a slumber?
I desperately need drapes that thick to shut out ALL light & sleep undisturbed
in my feather-bed cocoon.
And how fun would it be to sleep in something this amazing?
Ya, you'd feel pretty important.
Although we'd have to extend it, if you notice its only
about 5ft we have grown over the years!

The view from the Getty over the city of Santa Monica & the ocean.
We got there right at Sunset, so beautiful!

The big city of Los Angeles


Jeni said...

FUN! I wish I was there to experience it too! It really looks amazing, as will your future home after you're finished installing the chandelier, couch, bed with drapes, etc.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

hahah. I know I am a little obsessed aren't i? Ya, it was an awesome place! You will definitely have to visit & we can go! Olivia would love their gardens & fountains!

The Alvords said...

Man...we really need to live by you guys. I miss CA so much. I want that Cinderella bed! I wouldn't let Josh sleep on it, it would be only for the queen of the house. Amazing! I love the Ten Eyck's. I'm so glad you guys get to play with them. Miss you!

Adam & Samantha said...

i absolutely love the getty! i havent been there since high school, but its amazing. and i totally agree with you about the couch! soo cute!

Jessica and Jason said...

Ooh I LOVE The Getty!!! I think I have the same picture as you in front of the bed. Haha.

Bobbilynn said...

I laughed as I listened to you talk about the couch, the bed adn the chandelier. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say, "can you imagine such a slumber" :)

The Ten Eycks said...

We had such a FABULOUS time with you guys! I think after your done decorating your place you can come over and do mine :). P.S. your pics turned out great!

DJ and Candra Probert said...

I LOVE the Getty. It's so huge -- it should take two days to go through the whole thing. Just the architecture and view are unreal. I'm so glad you found a few pieces to put in your apartment. Be sure to take pictures of them once they are all moved in.

When are you going to come visit Lauren in Texas so we can all hang out?

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

hahha, Thanks Bobbi- I am happy someone picked up on my dramatic tone! I LOVE the idea of the bed & the couch-clearly i would change the fabric & make them more modern but I am determined-Chris however, thinks I am nuts.
Linds!! I always have fun with you, PS we love John Adams!
Candra-Pics on their way, the Getty was hesitant at first but they gave in to a girls dream & the furniture arrives soon! & YES I will play with you when I come to TX...I am hoping soon. March maybe?

Lauren said...

Hey! finally found you on here! how are you? by the way I have been planning on going to the getty for the last couple of years but havent ever actually gone but it look amazing!

Rachel said...

Can you believe that I have lived just 30 min away pretty much all my life and have never been? I have always wanted to... I definately will have to go! Oh, and I love the couch.

Carrie said...

I loved the getty museum, I think it has been a couple years since we went. I definately need to step up my learning curve as I just seems to be talking about kids these days! You are so cute, and I love the art Chris was interested in (naked woman, of course!) We just went private on our blog so send me your email and I'll send you an invite.

the organic kitchen said...

Fun things to do in LA. I love living in valencia because we are so close and yet so far!!! I think that sofa could be awesome done right! I am on board!