Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ryan & Amanda's Wedding

This past weekend, Chris' cousin Ryan got married. We are very happy for them, and adore his wife Amanda! We are so happy to have her apart of our big Spiker clan!
Here are a few photos from their wedding, which was gorgeous!
(you may recognize the dress, her dress didn't come out and last minute she borrowed Courtney's--she looked great in it & its so nice so much use could come out of such a gorgeous dress!)

Ryan & Amanda after the ring ceremony
(i made the flower in her hair for her)

Uncle Richard hangin' with his cute grandson Dylan

I want a baby!

Princess Claire

Miss Posh Mckenna & Scotty

Vanessa, Linda, Grandpa Jack, Steve aka Sunglasses Squad

Jake & Luke
Tell me you don't want to take this child home this instant? What a stud!

Amanda & I after the temple; note Uncle Richard in the background


The Alvords said...

Oh yay! THank you for posting these pictures. I realy wish I could have been there and I am sad I missed their big event. Amanda looked beautiful and I am happy my dress worked for her. Thanks Mari!

The Alvords said...

PS I love the picture of you and Chris smiling at each other, you guys are too cute!

Em Ybarra said...

Oh my gosh! what a beautiful dress and amazing cake! LOVE IT! and you also look so pretty mari! (as always)

Spiker said...

What a fun day! I am so happy for Ryan. He got himself a beautiful girl! She was a gorgeous bride and it was so fun to see everyone in one place!

The Queen said...

Om my gosh! I can't believe her dress didn't turn out! What happened to it?? She contacted me about doing their wedding. I am glad she went with the other guy, I saw some of their engagement photos on Facebook and they were gorgeous. Much better than I could have done!!!

Alison said...

I definitely recommend babies! :) It looks so natural for you!

Kellie Spiker said...

Excuse me did I give you permission to post my child's picture on the internet.

Erin and Spencer said...

I love her cake! It's so cute! You look gorgeous Mari!

Chalonn said...

I love the pictures...I love the colors of the wedding...the green apple is my new favorite! I'm bringing it in my home with pillows and candles...also, I love the clip in the brides hair...thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

I love that you have posted so many pics of my boys, they sure do love you!!!