Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy DaD!

{My Dad's senior portrait}
On June 5th my Dad turned the big 60! My Dad is so much fun. He is always making us laugh, doing something fun or crazy, and always keeping things interesting! He has lived a really awesome life, and has the best stories ever. He grew up in CA surfing & ended up riding horses & being a cowboy. He is the hardest working person I know, he has a big heart & is very passionate! I am extremely lucky to have him for a father, he has led an incredible example for me. Here are some photos of him throughout his life...that I think are freakin' awesome!! I am so proud of having you for a father Dad, thank you for all you've done!!
Happy Happy Birthday!!!

{isn't he a cute baby!?}

{my parents & my oldest brother Cim}

{wedding bells!}


{he still makes this face today! lol!}

{Family photo about 4 1/2 years ago..}

{some of his cute kids}








for all you "ANCHORMAN" fans out there...check out my dad at his wedding reception!!


manhattan crew said...

These photos are great!!! Dad was such a lady killer!
And mom looks so beautiful in their wedding photos.

Sad that peeej didn't have a photo you could find....I have a bunch of cute ones of he and I when we were little.
Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you guys!

The Alvords said...

hahahahahaha that just made my day!!! I love all of those pictures but the Anchorman look wins my vote for sure. That is awesome! Josh will be so proud. Happy Birthday Papa Carver. Oh and you were the cutest little girl ever!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I want to know who the people are on Josh's shirt

the organic kitchen said...

That is the original Starsky and Hutch!!!! Sad that I remember that show...

Great photos. Your dad reminds me of some of Lauren's kids in his baby photos. The super cool plaid pants and porn mustache picture is hilarious.

Happy birthday Craig!

the organic kitchen said...

Actually i am working on a post for Chris. I need to pull up a picture and now I need to add Josh too. We have such smart men in this family. thanks for the genetics compliment! Like you should talk, look how cute your parents and the kids in your family are. Except for Ammon of course. He could use some grooming tips...

Dominique said...

Only 28 more years until my kids say nice things about me. I am counting the days. What an awesome post about your family as a whole. I love the old family pictures. Good lookin' people.

Amanda and Ry said...

You have the cutest family and I love looking at those older pictures! That last picture actually made me laugh out loud. Your dad is a stud.

Bryce and Miranda said...

Hey Mari! I totally know what you mean about being recharged when you visit home. I love going home and being with family.