Monday, June 22, 2009

Carver Family Visit

I love going home to visit! I had such a great time seeing my family & a few friends! I really can't get enough of them! Chris has been studying hard for the bar, so I slipped away alone this time. Here are some photos from my trip, totally random- I took a lot & didn't want to post ALL of them :) Warning: I am a very proud aunt, you will see a TON of photos of some of my very cute nieces & nephews! They are the cutest kids ever.

My parents have two yellow labs, I love them & think they are the cutest things ever.

Dylan's shirt wouldn't stay buttoned, he just wanted to show some chest! So we threw on my gold chain to complete his mafia look..he is soooo cute!

We had a family BBQ up at our favorite spot in Hobble Creek Canyon. It was rainy, but we had a great time making smores & having Lauren's homemade chili in bread bowls. YUM!

I wasn't able to see everyone that I wanted :( But I did get to see some of the most important, so that counts for something! Benz (far right) I hadn't seen in almost 2 years, it was really good to catch up with him. The three of us (me, fabulous Britney, and Benz) used to hang out 24/7 before Brit & I got married. Benz is now off to India working in a medical clinic!
Riley & I grew up together since we were 2. Naturally, we have seen eachother at our most awkward, most humiliating, and at our most fun.

Jeni, whose hand you see here (lol! I don't know why we didn't get a photo, it didn't even occur to me when I was taking pics of Olivia), has been one of my best friends sing Jr. High. She is a mama, and a hot one at that. I miss living by her, but I am glad I get to catch up everytime I come home. And of course, her beautiful little girl :)
*Not pictured: My mom & I got the royal treatment from Court while we were there too! She cut & colored my mom's hair, did glitter toes on me & colored my hair. She was so sweet & generous with her time & talents. We went to breakfast & also got to see her new house & it was SO cute. It made me want a house of my own so bad!

While home, I took the fabulous Britney's advice (I think that's what Im going to call her from now on!) & had a booth in Orem's Summerfest. MEC did fantastic on day 1! The best part was Brit hung out with me ALLLLLL day, not just for an hour, I mean from 11am-10pm. She & I got to hang out a few different time this trip, and it was awesome! I can't get enough of that girl. Anyway day 2 we almost got blown away with a horrible storm...luckily after running through the rain with the help of everyone we saved 99% of the headbands & photos. Tents were literally flying & blowing over, water was POURING down. We all got soaked!

The booth day 1

10min before the storm hit Cami & JR came by! I haven't seen Cami in so long! It seems everytime I want to go home, so does she! :) She is so sweet, she stayed throughout the storm & got drenched trying to hold the tent down while I gathered the headbands. I am so glad I got to see them, and glad they were there just in time to save me!

Lauren & I drenched after the big rain & rush to save everything!
Me & Logan, I love his big eyes

my favorite photo of the trip. Cim & Lily are buddies!

i love my sweet mama


The Alvords said...

So good to see you. I miss my Mari Liz. I'm glad you got to spend time with your darling familia.

Keef and Brit said...

I think I really like the whole Fab Britney thing... haha. It was so good to see you! I'm really glad you came out and that we got to do lunch AND summerfest! come back ASAP yes?

lori and clark remington said...

Wow, It looks like you had so much fun. I want to come and see all your beautiful things soon. I will get a few things for me and my girls! I love the picture of you and Chris at the top of your blog!

the organic kitchen said...

What a fun trip and such cute nephews and nieces. I am glad your mom got some pampering! She deserves it.

Alyssa Elledge said...

YAY! Thank you for the LOAD of photos! I loved seeing how big all of the Carver grandkids are! Thank you SO much for sharing! There are so adorable pics in there.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Wow. Very extensive photo documentation Mari!!! Looks like it was fun.

manhattan crew said...

Making me miss family DESPERATELY!!
Wish I could have been there....we need to coordinate our family visits a little better.
BUT at least I will get to see you twice in august!!!