Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mailbox presents!

I am a huge fan of all things modern. I practically have my iPhone glued to my hand. I love the internet, I love to blog :), I love keeping in touch with people I love who aren't right beside me. So many things that make my life easier! I mean, what would I do without texting?!

I was thinking about all the old things that are disappearing now, and how they are being replaced by newer & faster versions. Classics that I actually think I'm sad to see go! Not that I want to lose the new ones, but I think there is a certain charm to the old way of life.
Maybe I'm a 70yr old in a 24yr old body...

Things like a good old fashioned letter, hand written and all. Or how about a night of reading on the couch with your spouse instead of a night of So You Think You Can Dance & Dexter (some of our favs!)? I've never even had the chance to have a pen pal! (maybe that's one I wouldn't miss?) Care packages, bike rides, hand made quilts! (haha, oh boy!)

I think certain arts like baking, sewing, and music are being lost- all of which I love! (baking could use some work though..) I don't think I would value them half as much without my mother. She plays the piano & the cello, always cooked a meal for 9 on a dime, and made every prom dress I wore. I am an amateur in comparison. My niece, Kailah, has already begun! My sister has done such a great job showing her how to cook & now she is asking for her own Kitchen Aid! I wonder, will my children catch this bug from me? Or will these fade, just as the learning calligraphy has for me? (I'd even say mine is comical) I know not everyone is intended to sew, cook, or play music..but I do think they should appreciate the good they bring.

Am I alone on this? I think so. Am I an old soul? Is that what they mean when they use that phrase? I am not even sure..

So here's the promise:
I promise to teach my children to bake (or send them to Grandma's to learn)
I promise to teach my children the value of music
I promise to keep sewing, even in the moments I feel intimidated I'm thinking mailbox presents! Letters & care packages & cards. I know I am always excited when i open the mailbox & receive something other than a bill! If you'd like one you should email me your address, I'm also doing Christmas cards (eventually), so email me your address if you'd like one of those as well. (

And I thank those of you who've already sent me some mailbox presents this month, I'm loving all the Christmas cards!

(those little girls are so cute, i don't know who they are but Im glad whoever does posted that cute pic on the internet for me to find!)


Kellie Spiker said...

all these things are so true! I would have been your pin pal! So sad.... I want to get your christmas card though!

446 E. 350 S.
American Fork
Utah 84003

And I need yours so that I can send you ours! (hoping that I have the energy to do it this year now that my kids are older and crazier! ha )

Adam & Samantha said...

We would love a CHristmas card.

136 West 200 South #203
Provo, UT 84601

Send us your address!

Spiker said...

Letter writing is absolutely a lost art and if people keep texting, conversation will be too! Nice post!

Brittany and Johnse said...

Hey Mari - wow I have been way behind on blogging. Congrats to Chris and his new job :) how exciting!! I would love to get your Christmas card...I can actually help you out with designing one too if you me if your interested and I can email you some samples :)